Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Enrichment passport

These are activities for each year group to complete outside of the National Curriculum. Some activities will be completed in school, some will be set for homework and there may be some you wish to do for yourself with your child. Photographic evidence of your child doing these activities will be asked for if you complete them at home. 

These activities are fun activities to get your children trying new things they may not otherwise have the opportunity to; giving them different experiences such as flying a kite or learning new skills such as choreographing a dance. Some of the activities are 'real life' experiences such as checking change in a shop.

Many of the activities will be things you already do with your child - just take a picture of them doing it and send the picture to school and then your child can tick it off their passport.

The passports will be passed from year to year and follow your child as they move through the school. 

The full passport is attached here so you can look back at previous year's activities too.