Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Spring Term

Hi everybody,


For the next few days during the school closure please keep yourselves busy with reading and practicing your spellings and number bonds. 


Remind yourself about our topic learning, recap about places in the UK and their capital cities and the surrounding seas. You could research a famous landmark that you would like to visit. 


We have allocated some task for the children to do on Purplemash and on Spelling shed. 


Look after yourselves and hope to see you all soon. 



Year One have had a busy few weeks. In our English lessons we have been reading the story Charlie's Superhero Underpants, which the children really enjoyed sequencing and then retelling.  The children were then able to use the same story format to create their own version of the story. In Maths, we have become masters of the number line, using them to add and subtract.  We have also been learning to solve missing number calculations and word problems.  In our Science lessons, we have been learning about the five senses and have a been on a senses walk around the school to see what different thing we could see!  Ask your child what the most unusual thing was that they saw in school.  In History, we have been learning about real-life super heroes and finding out about inventions that changed the world.  Can your child tell you the name of the person who invented the telephone? Next week we will be making sock puppets in DT, if you haven't already, please send your child to school with a plain sock that they can make into a puppet.


Many thanks for all  your support.

Hello everybody! Welcome back to a new term! We hope you had a lovely break and are ready for more learning!


The children have had a great start to the term. They are very interested in our new topic, Who's your hero?

They have been writing descriptions about superheroes and villains using some fabulous vocabulary. We have shared some of the children's history homework this week and have been impressed by the things they have found out. Did you know that televisions were in black and white only and there were only 2 channels? (They were a little amazed by this!)

We continue our number work and the practice of the number bonds is certainly paying off so please keep this going. Please check your child's homework folder or bag for a copy of the number bonds to 10 and 20 as we are sending them home for you to keep and support your child in learning them. 

Our history focus this term involves us looking at artefacts so if you have anything you would not mind us borrowing and that the children might be interested in, please send it in and we will take great care of it.