Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Spring Term

14.2.22 - 28.2.22


This half term we are continuing with our hero topic. In English we designed, labelled and wrote about our own super villain. We named our villain and used adjectives to describe our villain. Then, we explored a variety of poems and looked at the features. We wrote our own acrostic poems about superheroes and shared them with the class. 


In Maths, we have been using base ten equipment to represent 2 digit numbers, for example, 26 has 2 tens and 6 ones. We also used the greater than >, less than < and equal to = symbols to compare numbers. Now, we are practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.


We had a lovely time on World Book Day and we all looked amazing in our character costumes. Congratulations to the year 1 costume winners, Rosy, Ralph, Zibbie and Simon! smiley





This week in English we continued to explore information texts. Using the features, we created our own Spiderman fact files! We used headings, subheadings, pictures and captions. They were fantastic! In Maths we have been exploring place value. We worked in groups and used equipment to represent a 2 digit number.  For example, for the number 27 we represented it using base ten to show the 2 tens and the 7 ones, we also showed it using the part part whole model as 20 and 7 and in a tens frame by using 27 counters grouped into tens and ones. We are developing a good understanding of tens and ones.



This week in English, we explored the features of information texts. We learnt about people who help us in every day life. Then, we wrote information texts about what police and fire fighters do. In Maths we worked in pairs to count a large number of objects.  We found it easier to group the objects into tens.  Then we had to count the groups then add on the extra ones.







This week in English, we re-wrote the story 'Eliot Jones Midnight Superhero'. We used amazing adjectives and sentence starters! In Maths we solved missing number problems involving addition and subtraction. Also, in history we learnt that Alexander Bell invented the telephone. 



This half term we are learning about heroes! In English, we have been reading 'Charlie's Superhero Underpants'. We sequenced the story and wrote it in our own words. Also, we have been retelling the story ' Eliot Jones Midnight Superhero' using Pie Corbett style actions and then created a story map. Next week we will be writing the story in our words using the story map.


In Maths we have continued to practise adding and subtracting using number lines and we have learnt how to solve missing number calculations. For example 20-___=16. Also, we have been learning numbers up to 100. We have been practising counting forwards and backwards. 


In History, we have been learning about significant people from the past and how they changed the world. We learnt about the Wright brothers who invented the first aeroplane and how this has changed how we travel today.