Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Spring Term

Week 6

Our final week of Spring term - it started springlike but has ended with a winter snap!


Luckily, before the weather changed, we had our PE session on the field and finalised our gymnastics routines - enjoy the photos.


We have been working on time in Maths and 30 Days Have September has been recited many times this week! The children have been encouraged to look at clocks at home and practise telling the time.


In English, we have enjoyed some poetry and written our own animal poems - lots of fun.


Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter break and enjoys some treats.

Week 5

It's been a busy week in Year 6 this week with it being Assessment. The children have been fantastic with a great attitude to all the tests.


The sun shone for our whole school panoramic photo on Tuesday and we can't wait to see the results.


The week ended with some respite today when the children enjoyed a much deserved art lesson - we hope you enjoy the results.


In Science, we collected some soil from different parts of the school grounds, added water and mixed it up. We then left it to settle so that we could analyse the separate layers of matter. We then produced some posters around the theme of growth and we hope to enter some for the British Science Week poster competition.

Week 4


Our writing in English this week focused on newspaper reports and we ended up writing a piece about the unveiling of The Statue of Liberty in 1886. We all enjoyed learning some great facts and using them to hook the reader in to our newspaper reports.


Our shared reading about Charles Darwin tied in with our Science about evolution and inheritance and in the Science lesson, we, as scientists, looked as how we could verify his findings. We used different implements to mimic the beaks of the finches and mockingbirds that Charles Darwin observed in The Galapagos Islands. Have a look at the photos to see the fun we had with lots of rice!


In Maths, we have been converting units of measure for mass and capactity so lots more practice in multiplying and dividing by 10,100 and 1000.


Wednesday was Young Carers Action Day and we all wore funky socks to raise awareness - we then had a special Assembly about it as well.


Thursday was St Patrick's Day and Mrs Holland was dishing out House Points like you wouldn't believe!!


Friday saw lots of Year 6 compete at a Cross Country event and we were delighted as how well the children did. We were complimented on our outstanding behaviour - what a great end to the week.


Week 3


Maths this week has seen us learn about the area of triangles and parallelograms so we have been busy learning the formulae. We then moved on to investigate the volume of cubes and cuboids and again, another formula to learn!


Our English work continued with our letters to Her Majesty The Queen - we have enjoyed being so formal! Do you know what Her Majesty has for breakfast? We were surprised to hear that she is very partial to Cornflakes!


On Wednesday, we ate jellies and liquorice - all in the name of Science of course! 26 out of 29 Poplar children chose a jelly over liquorice and this highlighted how tasting nasty can help with survival. Some creatures have adapted to taste rotten and so still survive.


The highlight of the week though was our forensics workshop with Steve - we had to investigate a crime scene, gathering forensic (and not circumstantial) evidence to solve the robbery. We got fingerprints, footprints and even DNA from a snotty tissue. It was great fun - enjoy the photos.

CSI Comes to TWS!

Week 2

In Maths this week, we have worked hard on perimeter and area - building on our Year 5 knowledge we have been looking at composite shapes.


Tying in with the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, we have been learning so much about the longest reigning monarch. We will be writing letters to Her Majesty, congratulating her on this magnificent achievement.


Our learning about Evolution and Inheritance continued in Science and we did an inquiry to show the randomness of inherited characteristics.


The big excitement this week was World Book Day, yesterday. We had the opportunity to dress up and enjoy books, reading and book related fun. Have a look at the photos and see which characters you can identify!

Week 1

Here we are at the end of our first week back! We have been busy writing stories in English as well as learning some Georgraphy about biomes and climate.


In maths, we have been working on scale factors and learning how to increase or decrease a quantity or number. We have moved on to measure and have focused on length. Next week we will be revising area and perimeter and looking at some new Year 6 maths - the area of triangles and parallelograms.


Our new topic in Science is Evolution and we have started looking at inherited features. We look forward to learning about The Theory or Evolution and adaptation.


We are continuing our work on Coding in Computing and managed to create some fantastic repeating patterns using Turtle Academy - have a look at what we produced.



Week 6

What a great end to Monday. We had our final lesson with the crumble kits in computing and we made merry-go-rounds which spun!  Have a look at the pictures, you’ll be impressed! We have all enjoyed this term’s computing and have been surprised by what we have accomplished.


Tuesday was ‘Safer Internet Day’.  Miss Phillips shared an interesting and informative assembly with us in the morning and in the afternoon, we watched a film clip and discussed how we would behave in a range of different scenarios.


Tuesday was also the day we wrote our own myths (we planned these last week and were looking forward to writing them).  Various magical creatures were included, with some very weird and wonderful names.

Throughout the week, we have been learning about ratio and proportion in Maths.  We were all really excited about studying this topic and, to be honest, we found it more straight forward than we had imagined.


Science on Wednesday was great fun.  We combined our study of light with art and made shadow pictures.  Please look carefully at the photos and see what you can identify.


Friday was International Day of Women and Girls in Science’. We watched video clips and discussed their different roles and people’s attitude towards them.


As it has been Children’s Mental Health Week, we have taken part in Active Essex’s Walk & Talk Mental Wellbeing whilst completing our daily mile. 

Week 5

Well, this week began with Handball and ended with Number Day! We had a PE Specialist with us on Monday and we had a great time learning the rules of Handball. Despite the biting wind, we all had great fun!


It's been a busy week of assessments but the children, as ever, tried their best and worked really hard. So, it was lovely to get the tests done by Thursday and have lots of fun with Maths on Friday! This is our second year supporting the NSPCC by taking part in Number Day. We play fractions frenzy, Who wants to be a Mathionnaire and we learned about the Fibonacci Sequence. It was amazing to see how this is evident in nature and we had a go at drawing the spiral.


Enjoy the photos!

Number Day!


Week 4

Another busy week in Year 6: all our planning came together as we wrote biographies of Sitting Bull, a famous Native American.


In Maths, the fun continued with algebra, this time we worked on linear sequences and finding the nth term - a super challenge!


Our Crumble Pie work in Computing added an extra layer of complexity with conditions added to the algorithms.


Have a look at the photos to see our work on Light in Science - we learned about how to use mirrors to see round corners. We made periscopes and then tested their use - very nifty to see down the corridor, from inside the classroom!


Making Periscopes!

Week 3

Our History and Geography learning has continued, with our focus on the Native Americans. The children have been fascinated by Sitting Bull - chief of the Lakota tribe. We are building up to writing his biography next week and we know that it will be a fabulous piece of writing.


Our Computing (Crumble Pie) continued by adding another component - a motor - and we managed to make a disco dancing figure.


In Science, we have continued to learn that light travels in straight lines and how we see objects. We had great fun with some new torches and mirrors to learn about reflections - next week, we will be making periscopes so that we will be able to see around corners!


The week ended with some drama, the fire alarm went off! We all evacuated, quickly and in an orderly fashion and waited for the fire brigade to arrive. We heard the sirens and in they came, onto our playground. A check was done and they told us that it was a false alarm - phew! We all went back to class but not before waving the firemen, and woman, off! An exciting end to the week which will make for some interesting writing next week.

Week 2

We have had a very busy week in Maths this week, learning about percentages. We had to use our growth mindsets and do lots of practice, particularly when it came to finding 5% or 1% of a number.


In English, we have been using our Geography knowledge to write a factfile about The USA. We did lots of research and found out many interesting facts.


In Computing, we had a visit from Mr G from Crumble Pie and he taught us how to write some code and program a sparkle. We were able to change the colours and the speed of the sparkle - it was a really fun lesson and here are some photos from the session.

Computing - Crumble Pie

Finishing off our Electricity topic!

Week 1

Happy New Year! It's Spring term although the weather isn't too Spring-like (yet) but it is good to be back and great to hear about all the lovely Christmas activities.


We have a new topic this term called Land of the Free - this focuses on North America so we have spent this week looking at the geography of this continent. We have also looked more specifically at one of the countries: The USA and had fun trying to name as many of the 50 as we could!


Our Maths learning has continued with fraction, decimal and percentage equivalents, particularly useful in the sales.


In Science, we have finished off the Electricity topic by using some equipement that allowed us to build circuits that included fans, motors and buzzers - have a look at the photos.


The week has flown by, hard to believe that we are at the end of our first week of 2022!