Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Summer Term

Wild Animals

Week beginning 21st June 

This week we have been learning about wild animals and how zoo's are used to keep different animal species alive. 

The children have: 

  • Explored animal patterns
  • Made their own zoo's
  • Looked at paw prints  
  • Created enclosures for their pets using a cuboid net shape. 

We hope you all have a lovely long weekend we will see you all on Tuesday 29th June. 


On the Farm

Week beginning 14th June 2021


This week we have been busy learning lots about farm animals and staying safe in the sun as it has been very hot. 

This week we have: 

  • Made our own farms - practising our cutting skills. 
  • Learnt new words - hooves, trotters, calf, piglet etc. 
  • Kept our pets safe in the sun and ourselves by wearing our sunhats, sunglasses and wearing sun cream.  
  • Thought about how special our daddy is and have made him a lovely card for father's day. 

Next week we have a slightly shorter week as we are not in school Friday. We will be exploring wild animals and how their coats can be used as camouflage.     


Week beginning 7th June 2021 

This week we have started our new topic all about animals. After reading the story Dear Zoo the children have had a special delivery of a pet to look after. 

This week we have named our pets and drawn them. We will continue to look after our pet with planned activities such as making a bed for them, having a pet picnic and making our pets feel better. 


We are looking forward to learning lots about animals.      

Week beginning 24th May 


This week we have been very busy being creative using paints, pens and boxes creating masterpieces. We have also been able to watch a butterfly emerge from its cocoon and then we  went into the garden to  release them. We watched them stretch their wings and they fly away.

After washing our hands we iced and decorated biscuits which we then really enjoyed eating for our snack. After the half-term we are learning all about animals -pets, wild animals, zoo animals   and under the sea creatures. We hope you have a lovely week off, hopefully the sun will shine so we can all get out and about.  

creative week

Science week

Week beginning the 17th May 

This week we have been very busy completing lots of fun science experiments. We have made predictions we have asked questions and we have had lots of fun. 

This week we have: 

  • investigated floating and sinking
  • made our own bubble mix 
  • played guess the baby to understand how we grow and change
  • made rainbow clouds using shaving foam and food colouring 
  • investigated magnetic and non magnetic materials


We have enjoyed being scientists this week.  

Happy Eid

Frog life cycle

Week Beginning 10th May 


This week we have been very busy in nursery learning lots about the life cycle of a frog to support this learning we have: 

  • painted pictures to create the life cycle
  • read stories about frogs 
  • completed a simple life cycle program about each stage of the frog life cycle 
  • practised our rhyming words 
  • continued to learn our phonics sounds this week we introduced the letter sound r 
  • planted our beanstalks in the nursery garden 
  • watched our caterpillars turn into cocoons

  Next week we will be learning all about how we grow and change and we will be taking part in science week participating in lots of fun investigations.    

Jack and the Beanstalk

Week Beginning 26th April 

This week we have been very busy learning about the story Jack and the Beanstalk and the life cycle of a bean. To support the children's learn they have: 

  • Cut out leaves to make a class beanstalk
  • planted beans in cups to observe the changes
  • measured objects to see if they are tall or short
  • used balance scales to explore the concept balanced and unbalanced 
  • introduced the letter sound e and reinforced our other letter sounds 
  •  looked closely at our class caterpillars to see how much they have grown


Next week we will be exploring the life cycle of a butterfly and reading the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  


Week beginning 19th April 

This week we have been very busy completing lots of lovely tasks linked to our new life cycle topic this includes, 

  • Planting seeds
  • Talking about parts of a plant and labeling them
  • Planted cress seeds and made predictions about what it will look like when it grows
  • We have learnt that seeds need water and sunlight to help them to germinate 
  • Painted beans in plastic cups to see the roots and shoots develop   
  • Painted large sunflowers looking closely at the details
  • Looking at things carefully and learning to observe changes with our eyes and we don't always need to use our hands. 


Finally we have enjoyed some phonics based cooking and decorating cupcakes to make pink Percy pig cakes. 

Next week we will be learning about Jack and the Beanstalk and measuring objects using non standard measures.           

Week beginning 12th April 


Welcome back everyone we hope you had a lovely Easter break. This half term we will be learning about different life cycles and growing lots of interesting plants. 


This week we have been very busy: 

  • Counting sets of objects including small ducks and chickens. 
  • Learning about the life cycle of a chick using pictures and puzzles 
  • Using different shapes to create our own chick
  • Painting and cutting flowers ready for our new role play corner the garden center. 


Next week we will be starting to plant seeds and think about naming and labeling the different parts of a plant. 


Life cycle of a chick