Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Summer Term

This week ended on a slightly sad note as we said goodbye to the ducklings, but what an experience we have had with them!  Now that they are larger, we have had great fun watching them splashing and diving in the water!  They have gone to a good home and have grown so much that they really are ready for the large, countryside home that they have now gone to.


We have  have been reading the Snail and the Whale this week and taken part in linked activities. Our sound of the week has been 'e,' ( for egg!!)  Next week, we will be looking at the sound 'u.'


In maths, we have been writing our numbers and playing number games.


In P.E., we have continued our rugby skills.  We have been learning to negotiate obstacles and follow two-step instructions.


We've also started exploring our new interactive whiteboards, which the children are loving!  The images are so much clearer and great for practising motor skills, including writing.


Next week,  we are going to be doing junk modelling of buildings and homes, as well as starting to prepare for the Queen's Jubilee!



Week beginning 2nd May '22


Despite being a three day week for current nursery classes this week, it has still been action-packed. The greatest excitement has been brought on by the hatching of, now, 5 of our 6 ducklings.  Children have been able to see the changes in real life of the life cycle of a duckling and notice the changes that take place.  They have shown themselves to be very caring and sensitive to the young ducklings' needs.  The ducklings have settled well into nursery and have enjoyed having a cuddle, both with their new siblings, as well as the children ( and let's be honest the adults too!!)  we have even let them have a little swim.


In phonics, we have been looking at our new sound 'ck,'  We have found it at the end of several words, including duck, quack and crack.  We have also been sharing lots of duck related books.  Next week, we will be looking at the sound 'e.'


In maths, we have been continuing with recognition of numbers, as well as ordering them, again linked to our duck theme.


Children have also created lots of art work, including a duck in a nest and a hand print duck.


Next week will see the last week of us caring for our young ducklings, before they go to their new home.  We are hoping that our last egg will hatch very soon!

Week beginning Monday 25th April 2022


It's been an action packed couple of weeks back in Nursery! We came back straight after Easter Monday to an exciting new topic, Homes. 


Children have been busy making things to help create our new role play area, which is B & Q!  They have also been talking about and drawing/painting the homes that they live in, as well as who they live with.


We have been reading books all about homes, both fiction and non-fiction, including the book, 'You Choose,' which is one of our new Reading Spine books.  Our sounds in phonics have been 'c' and 'k' and Nursery are doing so well at remembering previous sounds too.  Next week, we will be looking at 'ck.' 


In maths, we have been looking at repeated patterns and looking for errors in patterns. The children did a great job at fixing the errors! We have also been ordering numbers and finding the numbers that are missing within a number line.


In P.E., we have continued to practise our rugby skills. We moved around the room in different ways to warm up. We then threw and caught the rugby balls ourselves and then passed the rugby ball all the way round our group circle!


Last week ended un-bee-lievably when a swarm of honey bees descended on the Nursery and settled in one of our outside trees.  Luckily, a bee expert came to rehome the queen and her entourage and we were able to reopen again this week.  Some of the photos of them are on this page.