Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Summer Term

23.5.2022            summer 1 week 6

We have had a brilliant week in year 4.


The children started time on Monday in maths.  They are now able to tell the time on an analogue clock to the minute, know the difference between am and pm, convert an analogue time to digital and know the 24 hour clock.  Chestnut were even given clocks with a minute hand missing and were able to rise to the challenge and say the time!


To conclude our learning about Europe this half term, the children have completed leaflets about Paris and the sights that can be seen there.  This was after looking at many different leaflets about London and identifying the features.  They are almost complete now and looking really good by our Madeline acrostic poems.


In science we studied the different types of teeth and their function last week.  We are very lucky that after half term we will have a visit from a dental technician, who will teach the children how to clean their teeth properly.


Both classes have been busy making crowns and bunting for tomorrow - we are very excited and hope you are too!  We are also looking forward to a well earned break next week.


Happy half term all.

week 5      summer 1


Ooh-la-la! What fun we had in Paris!  We had a very interesting time walking around in pairs last week looking at the landmarks.  We made notes on all of the interesting information we read.  We particularly liked the facts about the Eiffel Tower and the gruesome history of Place de Concord!


We continued counting our money in maths, learning how to estimate and round to help quick calculations.  


In PE this week, Mrs Evans taught us how to improve our distance running and stamina by doing fartlecks.  We were either running at the speed of a hare, tortoise or pig.  Everyone had great fun and agreed it would help us to be in a good place to compete later this year.


To top off the week, the children sculpted Eiffel Towers out of clay.  It was really tricky but fun.  The children learned lots, so hopefully next time will have better results.

9.5.2022         summer 1 week 4


Well what a week!  We started our week by making a copy of the human digestion system. We then cut and mashed a sandwich and sent it through our system until - well the inevitable last stage!


The children had so much fun, hopefully it will be such a memorable experience they will get 100% in any tests in future.  It was pretty messy, but so much fun.


In maths we have started money - looking at different coins, exchanging coins, adding and subtracting money.  The children were very interested in these lessons - maybe the card has taken over from coins?  Please encourage your child to 'play' shop,etc at home with coins.


Finally, Thursday was the day we traveled by Eurostar to Paris!  The children had oyseter cards, a Eurostar ticket and passport.   They watched a speeded up video of the route, then on arrival, boarded the Metro and went to see the landmarks and take notes.  We will use these for our leaflets later in the week.


On Friday we had a special visitor. Mabel!  The children loved her being in the class, she also visited our Eurostar train book corner and had a little read!  We look forward to her visit again.

02.05. 2022               Week 3   Summer 1


This week the children got to write based on Madeline in Paris. The children wrote beautiful acoustic poems using some amazing adjectival phrases.

They also had fun looking at the physical and human features of France and other European countries. The children had the opportunity to discuss places they had visited or would love to visit in the future.                  

Our acoustic poems

In Maths, we started to look at decimals and money. We explored the notes and the coins and their values. The children used the place value charts and tried to recognise how coins and notes were placed in the correct columns.  It would be good for the children to recognise these notes and coins on a regular basis by continuing to play 'shops' and role play at home.



25.4.2022               Week 2   Summer 1


This week was a special week as the year 4's got to show their production of 'Pick Up a Book!'

Both children and parents of TWS got to see them in their glory.


We started this week by looking at Madeline in Paris, exploring this poem and discussing the vocabulary. During shared reading we looked at the book, A Walk in Paris, exploring the wonderful insights into vibrant city. The children had fun learning the landmarks and different names for places, restaurants and French food.


In Geography we looked at Europe, the location of countries and cities. The children had the opportunity to discuss and ask questions and they enjoyed researching into the different cultures.


In maths we started looking at decimals and where they fit in the place value chart. The children were asked to recognise decimals as quarters, halves and thee-quarters and then round the decimals to whole numbers.

19.4.2022              Week 1   summer 1

Welcome back!  We hope that you have all had a wonderful break, and are rested, recharged and ready to learn,  We have lots of exciting things to look forward to this term, including - learning what happens when you eat a jam sandwich, a trip  on Eurostar to Paris, and a tour of Paris.


Watch this space for more news!!!