Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Summer Term

Week beginning 24.5.21


What a fantastic way to end this half term! 

This week was creative week and we have had so much fun! 


In DT we have been designing, constructing and evaluating landmarks from Europe. We used lots of recycled materials to make these landmarks. We had great fun getting messy and are very much looking forward to next half term where we will be using our DT skills once again.  


We have also put our cooking skills to the test this week as we made crepes. This activity allowed us to prepare ingredients hygienically, measure ingredients, follow a recipe and cook. We particularly enjoyed eating them. They were delicious. 


In Art, we have been learning about drawing using perspective. This was also linked to our current topic 'Eurovision' as we drew a boulevard. A boulevard is a wide street in a town or city, typically one lined with trees.


In English, we made pirate hats to see how well we could follow a set of instructions. 

Creative Week

Week beginning 17.5.21


What a wonderful week it has been! 

We have thoroughly enjoyed our science week. We have learnt lots and had so much fun! 


Our science activities including:

    * Looking at how sugar dissolves using Skittles.

    * Making catapults

    * Making boats to investigate floating and sinking

    * Investigating fingerprints

    * Fizzy Fountain

    * Making Toothpaste- terrific teeth

    * Making Poo with Dr Drew- recreating the digestive system

    * Making telephones- How does sound travel?

Science Week

Week beginning 10.5.21


We have had a great week this week learning all about two European capital cities, Paris and London. We have been looking at the similarities and the differences between the both cities and the different landmarks that are in the two cities. 


In Maths we have continued with our work on fractions. We have been learning to find fractions of amounts and quantities. We have worked really hard with this work and Mrs Porter and Mrs Evans are very proud of us. 


In Science this week we have been learning the names teeth and the functions they have. We also compared human teeth with animal teeth and how these differ depending on whether they are herbivores, carnivores or omnivores. 


We are looking forward to Science Week next week






Week Beginning 3.5.21


What a great way to end the week! 

Today we celebrated NSPCC Number Day . The children enjoyed carrying out a variety of number challenges through out the day including: 

* Addition hunt

* Number game

* Bingo

* Skipping challenge

* Working collaboratively to learn a number poem of by heart

* Learning numbers in French

NSPCC Number Day

Addition Hunt

Still image for this video
Children found hidden cones that were located around the school field. Each cone was worth a different colour. The children then needed to add up the value of each of their cones to find out their total.

Skipping Challenge

Still image for this video
The children were set the challenge of seeing how many jumps/skips they could do in one minute.

Week beginning 26.4.21


It has been another week in Year 4! 


We have been writing poem in our English lessons, all about Madeline. Madeline is the main character in the book we have been reading in our English and Shared reading lessons. 


In maths we have been learning to add and subtract fractions- this has been so much fun!


In Science we have been learning about the different parts and functions of the digestive system. We have learnt some new scientific vocabulary along with how the digestive system works. 


The children learnt about the Muslim faith, Ramadan and Eid this week curtesy of a fantastic presentation by Maha, Adeena and Betul from Chestnut class. The presentation was very informative and the children went above and beyond in their delivery to both classes- Well done girls! 


Today we took part in The National Daily Mile. All of the children in the school ran, jogged or walked 4 laps around the school track. Some children even managed to complete 8 laps of the track- well done to every one who took part. 


Wishing you all a fantastic bank holiday weekend.smiley


Poetry Writing


Week Beginning 23.4.21


What a busy week it has been! 


In Geography this week we have been learning about the continent Europe. We have been identifying the different countries within the continent of Europe along with learning the capital cities of these countries. We used a map of Europe to help us with this work.


In English and Shared Reading we have been reading and writing about the book 'Madeline' written by Ludwig Bemelmans. Madeline is a little girl who lives in an Old house in Paris. The book is written in the form of a poem. Ask your child to recite the poem to you as we have been learning to recite the poem in the style of Pie Corbet. This means using actions to represent different parts of the story, this helps us to remember it. 


We have also enjoyed our PE lessons with Mrs Porter & Mrs Evans where we have been learning to play TAG rugby. It has been so much fun! 


In Maths we are learning about fractions, so far we have learnt about equivalent fraction, fractions greater than one and counting in fractions. Our fraction work has been tricky on times but we have persevered and tried our very best. 


We are looking forward to next week already! smiley