Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Summer Term

Week 4

Well, what a week we've had - SATs week! It's great to be at this end of the week, we are all delighted. If we're honest though, we all agreed that the week flew by, we took each day as it came and went into all the tests with positivity. The lovely quotes around the school helped to inspire us to our best.


Each day started with a special SATs breakfast, all in early and together to share food and prepare for the days ahead.


Wednesday was great fun, after Paper 2 in Maths we tried to predict what might come up in Paper 3 and we were pretty good!!


Once we finished on Thursday, the sun shone and we had fun on the field outside. After lunch we had a coupe of treats: ice creams and a visit to Nursery to see the ducklings, very cute.


More fun on Friday with a visit from Mabel, our school dog. We were all very prepared with our Mabel hands and Mabel breathing. Mabel enjoyed her visit to Poplar and Rowan and we enjoyed seeing her.


We finished Friday with a movie, games and some party food - why not?


Have a great weekend everyone.




SATs are Over!

Mabel came to visit

Week 3

The weather has finally caught up with summer term, it's been so lovely to have the warm sun this week and it looks like it is going to be warmer next week, just in time for SATs!


We've spent this week revising our Maths, Grammar and Comprehension skills - the children have shown great resilience and positive growth mindsets. We know how hard they have all worked this year and we know how well they will apply themselves next week.


We look forward to welcoming them for their special SATs breakfast next week and before we know it, SATs will be done!

Week 2

It might be summer term but the weather doesn't seem to have realised yet! No matter, we've kept ourselves busy by writing newspaper reports in English. Having Learned about The Amesbury Archer in History, we wrote about the discovery of his grave back in 2002 - the most important Bronze Age burial site ever discovered in this country!


In Maths, we have been focusing on nets of shapes as well as Statistics - looking at pie charts and line graphs.


We had a real treat on Tuesday and watched the Year 3 and 4 performance - the song Pick Up a Book was a great message that has stayed with us all.


Enjoy the extra long weekend!