Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Summer Term

Friday 16th of July 2021

Our final full week together in Year 6 and once we got over the disappointment of the EUROs, we have had yet another busy week!


Learning continued as we focused on Time, nets of 3D shapes and opposite angles. 


In Science, we did a field trip and classified plants and animals from the school environment.


The sun put in an appearance on Friday so we took our Maths outside and looked at angles and 3D shapes. We observed the traffic and then created bar charts to represent the data (with chalk) on the playground.

Outdoor Maths

Aspirations Day

Friday, 9th of July 2021


Another very busy week in Year 6 - our focus has been our Leavers' Production! We have worked hard and know that everyone will enjoy it!


It has also been Creative Catch Up week and we have done lots of Geography and DT. In DT we learned about and built beam, arch and truss bridges.


In Geography, we have read, drawn and used 6 figure grid references on maps. We have also drawn sketch maps of our local area and field maps of the school grounds. 


Friday was Aspirations Day and we all had a great time thinking about what we want to aspire to be when we grow up. Mrs Holland said that she'd like to meet us all again in 2041 to see how we are all doing!!

After SATs (that weren't SATs!) Party!

Thursday, 24th of June, 2021

We returned to school on Tuesday, after isolating because of Covid. A busy few days of assessments meant that we earned a little party on the filed this afternoon, in the sunshine!


Enjoy the long weekend everyone!

PE - Relay Practice

Partial Solar Eclipse!

Friday, 11th of June 2021

Back after half term and it's been a sunny week, except when we wanted the sun for the solar eclipse on Thursday! To stay safe, we wanted to observe the sun's shadow using a pinpoint projector - this didn't work when it was so cloudy. Thankfully, the sun did come out so we went back outside and we all witnessed the partial eclipse. It was very exciting! Enjoy the photos.


We have started a new book, non-fiction for a change and it's called Survivors by David Long. It's a collection of short stories about true events of heroism and survival against the odds, fascinating so far.


We also had a PE Specilist, Mrs Watkins, in on Wednesday working with us on our relay skills - we will continue to practise passing the baton!

Creative Curriculum Week

For our final week before half term, we have enjoyed so many fun activities. We have worked creatively and collaboratively and learned so many new skills. The highlight was making our own scented cushions. Using Binca, we learned how to cross stitch and then, using a running stitch, we attached the Binca to material. Finally, we stuffed our cushions and added lovely lavender! 

In amongst making the cushions, we did some nature collagraphy - collage prints and again were very successful.


We also mastered co-ordinates on the playground using chalk to draw huge x and y axes. We were then real life co-ordinates.


Another highlight this week was BMXing with Mike Mullen, a world champion. He talked to us about our growth mindsets and how important it is to "flearn" - that's learning from any mistakes or failures.


Enjoy all the photos from a fabulous week and see you after half term!



Science Days

Science Days

Science Days

Science Days!

Friday, 21st May

What a busy week we have had - Monday and Tuesday were Science Days where we had so much fun exploring, questioning, predicting, investigating and drawing conclusions.


Our experiments included:

making toothpaste;

recycling newspaper to make our own paper;

tumbling toast to look at Murphy's Law and 

surprising stains and looking at some of the chemistry of our cleaning products!


There was so much more but have a look at the photos.


Debden Park High School visited on Wednesday to talk to those of us who will be going there.


The week then ended with us writing our own Roman myths.

Friday, 14th May

Last week saw us finish with fun for Number Day, in support of The NSPCC. As a school, we raised a fantastic £546.35. The children had great fun with Who Wants to be a Mathionaire, quizzes and Do Its around the school grounds.


This week, the children were very mature as we had a round of assessments. We have been very impressed by their attitude and hard work - well done all.


In Science, we finished our topic on Light by looking at the work of Vincent Ball, a Belgian shadow artist. We have produced a fantastic display with all their lovely work.


We look forward to Science Days next week and our work on Roman myths.

Our Shadow Art

Friday, 3rd of May 

History has been a fascinating focus for us this week as we have been concentrating on The Bronze Age and learning about The Amesbury Archer. We will be writing a newspaper report about this significant discovery.


In Maths we have been working on Statistics and learned about the mean as well as pie charts - we look forward to continuing this work next week.


In RE, our focus has been Humanism and the children have been enjoying this new learning. We have studied various Humanists and discussed their beliefs.


In Science we had fun looking at coloured objects behind different coloured filters - we had some surprises and were able to work scientifically to predict and draw conclusions.


Our week has ended with us taking part in the first ever National Daily Mile Day and many of us ran most of the mile; some of us even managed to complete 8 laps! 


Well done everyone.