Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Summer Term

Week commencing 9th May 2022


This week we have been working hard in the morning to complete the first part of our secret agent training (SATs). In the afternoons we have been busy thinking about what to make and sell at our enterprise. The enterprise will be running during the Jubilee picnic on Friday the 27th May. We have been practicing running stitch to make key-rings, have decorated lolly-sticks to make book marks, and have been busy creating lots of jubilee themed bunting and paper chains. 


During Science we continued our learning of food chains to secure our understanding. 


We had a special visitor in class this week, our mentor dog in training; Mable. We learnt about Mable breathing and were reminded not to stroke her or be too loud whilst she is in the classroom. We were very good at this and Mable seemed to enjoy Juniper classrooms reading corner. 


Week commencing 2nd May 2022


In English this week we have finished our invention stories. We used our plan to help us and made sure to include exciting language, similes, adverbs, adjectives and alliteration. We have spent lots of time editing and improving to check we haven't missed out any capital letters and full stops and that our sentences make sense. 


In Maths we have been recapping lots of different  concepts. We have practiced multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting and have explored the language used in mathematical word problems to help us solve them. 


In D and T we have been learning about cat-a-pults. We have designed and made our own cat-a--pult to create a flying frostie game. 


There have been some exciting things happening in Nursery this week; they have had ducklings hatch. The children took an exciting trip down to nursery to have a cuddle and learn about the life cycle of a duck. 



Week commencing 19th April 2022


In Maths this week we have begun learning about measurement. We have used weighing scales to measure the mass of objects around the room. We have learnt that the unit of measure used to measure weight is grams and kilograms. We have also learnt about volume and capacity and the unit of measure; millilitre and litre.


In English and Shared Reading we have read the story 'Audrey the Amazing Inventor'. We have planned our own inventions and story using a story mountain to help map our ideas to support our story writing next week.  


We have started our new topic 'Marvellous Mechanisms' and explored items that have levers, wheels and winding mechanisms to decide which would be the best mechanism to lift a teacher.