Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Spring Term

This half term we have been looking at the book 'Fox'. The children are left on a cliff hanger regularly and they are desperate to read the next page. They constantly ask can we please read another page today? 

They have been exploring the characters in detail at different points in the story. This week they had to take on the role of the Fox, Dog or Magpie and get interviewed. They were great at answering questions in character. They also took part in conscience alley for the first time. Half of the children were on one side, with the other half on the other side. One person was chosen to be Magpie and walk through the middle, they had to listen to each person saying their opinion on whether the magpie should stay with the Dog or go on an adventure with the Fox. Again, they were brilliant and they showed a great understanding of the characters within the story.


We have been learning about different instruments with Mrs Bartels and this week we were lucky enough to have a visit from Mr Bartels. He played a variety of instruments for us and the children were able to get up and dance to different pieces of music! 

We have started our learning on 2D and 3D shape. The children explored making shapes. They had to record the amount of sides and vertices.