Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Spring Term

Week commencing 22.3.21


We have had a jam-packed week this week! 


We began our week discussing what makes us feel hopeful, in our wellbeing session together. We also talked about the most important inventions in our house in our Topic lesson. You may be impressed to hear that not everyone thought the TV was at the top of the list, many of our children justified the importance of their washing machines!


In Maths we've been using directional language, as we've guided our friends around cones in the playground. We have made maps to lead the Jolly Postman to the castle and even had a go at programming and directing our beebots around obstacles in the classroom.


In English we have been writing letters giving advice to Ruby, from the book 'Ruby's worry'. We have discussed various strategies for dealing with our worries and have been identifying the different features of a letter.


We have also had fun sponge painting and mixing primary colours to make our Easter cards, we hope you enjoy receiving them.


From all of the Year 2 team, have a wonderful Easter and enjoy the time with your families. 




Directional language maps for the Jolly Postman

Week commencing 15th March 2021


We have been very busy this week showing off what we can do.  We have had lots of focus on phonics.


In science we have been consolidating our learning on Food chains, Animals and Habitats and Materials.


During our P.S.H.E. lesson this week we have been using our positivity jars to identify our personal strengths.  We have also continued our cooperation and team building skills, including playing various maths and English games.


In R.E., we have been learning why Easter is important to Christians and have been reading the Easter story.

Week commencing 8th March 2021


It has been a fantastic first week back to school. The children have all settled back in really well and they have enjoyed seeing and playing with their friends.


This week in our English lessons, we have been looking at the book 'Ruby's Worry' by Tom Pervical. We have read the first few pages of the book discussing what a worry is, identifying any worries we may have and exploring strategies to help us cope with these. We have used our class worry boxes to store our worries.   


In Maths we have been learning all about measurement; length, height and width. We have discussed the different units of measurement and have had fun making estimations, measuring eachothers height and foot size and comparing and ordering height, length and width.  


Our Science has focused on habitats, micro-habitats and how animals are suited to their specific habitat. We have learnt lots of new scientific vocabulary to add to our science word wall! 

Micro-habitat walk 12.3.2021