Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Summer Term

17th and 18th May - Science Days

Monday 17th May 2021


Well, what a busy half term we’ve been having! The children have settled brilliantly and are well and truly back into school life after lockdown. It’s great to be back in the classroom that’s for sure!


Today marks the first of our two Science Days this week. We are taking this opportunity to get the children involved in eight practical investigations, allowing them lots of ‘hands on’ fun and time to predict, record and analyse their findings. Please keep your eyes peeled for photographs of the scientists at work.


We have also been spending lots of time exploring our topic of ‘Earthquakes, Zones and Volcanoes’. Last week, we learnt about the different features of a volcano, labelling our own diagrams, as well as creating our own glossaries to accompany this. There are also some wonderful diary entries now on display in the Year Five corridors, in which pupils ‘got into role’ and recalled being caught up in a tornado disaster. The pupils did a great job of using their senses and feelings to make these descriptions come alive.


In Maths, we have been going fraction mad! From adding to subtracting, to mixed numbers, to improper fractions, to multiplying and finding fractions of amounts, we’ve done it all! Hopefully pupils are now feeling much more confident in this area of Maths. This week, we’re moving onto a decimal focus, but we’re sure the fraction work will come in handy here too!