Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Attendance and Absence

Learning Hours

The school offers 6hrs 45mins learning per day which equates to 33hrs 45mins hours per week.

We also offer an extended day with Breakfast and HappyDayz After school club which is an additional 3hrs 30mins per day.

The attendance target for the school for this year (2023-2024) is 96%.
In the last academic year (2022-2023) the school attendance was 96%.
We work with the Education Welfare Service who set our targets. An Education Welfare Officer meets with the School Attendance Officer (Mrs Carey) and the Headteacher regularly to monitor the attendance and punctuality of all children.
Absence due to Sickness
If your child is unwell, the school must be notified on the first day of illness. Please use the free Studybugs App to report your child's illness. On your child’s return, a note must be given to the class teacher outlining the reason for absence if Studybugs was not used.  Failure to provide a note within two weeks of the absence will result in the absence being marked as unauthorised.
If your child is absent for 5 or more days due to being unwell, the school will require medical evidence to support this, otherwise the absence will be marked as unauthorised.


Holidays during term time
Taking your child out of school during term time could be detrimental to your child’s educational progress.
From 1st September 2013, under the Education Regulations, the Headteacher may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. (Term time holidays are NOT regarded as an exceptional circumstance.)
If an unauthorised holiday is taken any way, the case has to be referred to the Education Welfare Service who may issue a Penalty Notice for £120 (or £60 if paid within 21 days) to each parent for each child taken out of school.
Please see our Attendance Policy for further information.