Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Autumn Term





In maths we have been using the inverse and bar models for multiplication and division, as well as using doubling to help us learn our 4 and 8 times tables.




This week we looked at, and wrote, Winter or Christmas Haiku poems. They have a very specific 3 line structure and number of syllables. We used music and beats to help us count and check our word choices, before planning and writing our own. 





We concluded our topic on rocks and soils with an experiment on soil types and drainage this week. The children have learnt lots of new vocabulary this term, and can confidently discuss different soil types and rocks.




This week we have been looking at rules in R.E, and what makes sensible decisions. We had interesting class discussions and wrote our own golden rules we use in our everyday lives.





We performed and peer assessed our African dances this week as a year group, it was nice for Holly and Maple to watch each other's fabulous moves.


Class Parties


Christmas is very close now, and Year 3 had lots of fun at their class parties. We played games, had dance offs and played Christmas music. A well deserved treat as the children have worked very hard this term.




We concluded our unit on video trailers this week, using our own photographs to create a video trailer for a book.  Our digital leaders were fantastic at leading their groups, in what was a technical and difficult lesson. The children displayed lots of resilience. We used new software, which allowed us to add in transitions and words over our pictures . We hope to share some in the New Year with you.




We have sent home special Christmas/ Winter homework for the children to complete over the holidays.  May you all have a restful and peaceful break.


D.T. / Art


We finished our Christmas binca decorations  this week, we were very impressed with the children's sewing skills (although we did have to re thread lots of needles !) We are also sending home the children's 2024 calendars, based on the seasons. They were both beautifully designed and carefully coloured in.





It’s Friday again, and another busy week in Year 3. 

It has been assessment week and we were impressed with how hard the children worked. Well done to everyone for a growth mind set and their resilience. 




We wrote formal, persuasive letters in English to encourage  businesses to sell Fairtrade products. We will post the letters off, and will eagerly await the responses. We presented our letters to each other and gave peer feedback. Linked to our Trade and Transport topic , we also had a zoom call with an artist/activist and PHD student at Cambridge, who discussed her work as part of the UN. The children asked some sensible questions and thoroughly enjoyed it. 




In maths we have been consolidating our learning on multiplying and dividing, focusing on our 2, 3, 4 and 5 times tables. Using hands on resources, the children are really enjoying our maths lessons. 





Our Year 3 scientists have been investigating soil types this week and we will set up our class investigation next week. 




Some of our children were lucky enough to visit the Royal Opera House this week to watch the Nutcracker ballet. Great feedback from the supporting adults , that our children were the perfect role models. All the children loved their fabulous trip to London. What a wonderful experience. 




We finished making our chocolate boxes this week, we created them from card nets of cuboids, added internal compartments , decorated them and filled them with chocolates. Enjoy !




In RE, we have been philosophers, looking at big questions. We discussed knowledge v’s wisdom, and opinions v’s beliefs. 


Fun !


Christmas celebrations are in full swing, children enjoyed a visit from Santa (and did lots of dancing with him) and we also loved a visit from a panto. 




We have been using reading theatre techniques to rehearse and perform a poem about the Amazon Rainforest. The children performed with passion and enthusiasm. Fabulous group reading.  


Thank you for reading with your children every day and completing homework and spellings. 





What a busy week in Year 3.




As part of our Trade and Transport topic, we visited Ongar Railway, on Tuesday. The children were so excited to travel by tube, route master bus and diesel train ! They behaved beautifully and represented TWS fabulously. It was a lovely day of hands on learning, collaboration and teamwork. Well done Year 3, and thank you to our parent helpers too.




This week Year 3 had our enterprise week, and made chocolate treats, linked to our work on Fairtrade and the journey of the cocoa bean. We also made edible soil cups, linking our learning back to our current Science topic on Rocks and Soils too. The cakes were sold to the rest of the school at break time, and were a huge success -  we sold out!  We have some fabulous cake makers in our midst, and we were very impressed with how the children used practical skills to make the cakes, as well as maths to measure out the ingredients. Enterprise is an opportunity for our children to begin to think about profit and loss and persuasive advertising. They showed great maturity.


No Pen Day


On Wednesday, we had a whole day of learning  - without pens or pencils. Maths was hands on, we measured water into different containers and looked at capacity and reading scales. We also made groups of counters linked to multiplying and dividing, and weighed classroom items to the nearest gram/KG. In addition, we had a class philosophy debate linked to Fair Trade and fair prices and pay for local farmers.




We have been learning about fossils and Mary Anning this week, as well as exploring the different layers of soil and soil types. It has been an interesting topic so far, and one the children have enjoyed learning about. We hope to grow some of our own plants/vegetables in the Spring thinking about which soil would be best.




In English, we have been reading persuasive texts, and the techniques used. The children will be writing their own persuasive  letters, linked to Fair Trade and businesses. 




As a year group, we are looking to improve the fluency of all our readers, alongside practising the key elements of reading comprehension. We have been using a variety of texts with the children and enjoying our reading for pleasure and library time.




In PSHE this week we are continuing with our learning on celebrating positive traits in ourselves and each other. We have linked our circle time to this and positive friendships. We discussed what makes a good friend and how to be inclusive with others.



Maths - a busy week in Year 3, we have moved onto multiplication and division. Some excellent understanding of equal groups, and the inverse, and even knowledge of commutive law.  We have wonderful mathematicians in our midst. 


English - we completed our non-chronological reports on how chocolate is made, and produced some informative leaflets with beautiful handwriting and vocabulary choices.


Geography - we looked at the Topics, named countries in that region, and talked about why cocoa only grows here. We linked our learning back to Fairtrade and the ethics behind it.


In PSHE , we are very much enjoying My Happy Mind , and currently celebrating positive character strengths in each other. 





It's been a busy week in Year 3, this week we looked at 'tricking the monster stories'. We read Hansel and Gretel, using a story map to help us remember the tricky words. Then we planned, wrote and published our own stories. We had evil caretakers, teachers, scientists and aliens as the main characters! Miss Clive and Mrs Patel were very impressed and loved reading them.  We have been really trying hard with our presentation and handwriting, awarding some children with their pen licence. 




In maths, we have been using formal written methods for addition and subtraction, estimating answers and using the inverse to check our answers. It has been a busy week of learning, but all the children are participating with enthusiasm and with a great attitude. Well done Year 3.  We have some fabulous mathematicians and beautiful presentation in our books.




Let's talk rocks ! This week we started our new topic, Rocks and Soils. We already know lots of new vocabulary and will be building our knowledge over the coming weeks.  




In PE, some of our PE lessons are dance based this term. We are focusing on African dance, and using the beats within traditional music to create our own performances. Even when the tempo increases, we were still able to stay in time.


Thank you for your ongoing support with reading at home (so important!) and encouraging the children to complete their homework.

Welcome to Year 3


We hope you have all had a lovely Summer. 


This page will be updated weekly with all of the wonderful things we have been doing throughout the week. 


Have a lovely weekend. 

Week: 8.9.2023

This term our topic is Trade & Transport.


This week in maths we have been looking at place value, staring with ones and tens.

In English, we started our class book: The Abominables, its about a young girl who meets a fabulous family of Yetis.


We had a special visitor, C S Clifford. He talked to the children about his books and how to create fantastic stories of their own.


W/E 15.9.2023


This week Year 3 have been making stone age tools and bartering using the objects given to them.









They have been continuing to do Place Value work and looking at 100s and 100s.




They are continuing to write instructions and this week they have planned their own for their Yeti.



Year 3 have been enjoying their time in the sensory garden, reading their favourite book.



Our Year 3 scientists have concluded their investigations on how plants grow, what they need and grow well and water transportation. It was exciting to see the results and we learnt a lot, this will help us grow more at home.


In maths,we have been comparing and ordering numbers, using our understanding of place value. We used number lines and resourses to support our learning. 


In English and Reading we have been looking at play scripts. We planned and wrote our own, and then performed them to the class. We included stage directions too !




In History we learnt about Roman roads and made our own chariots. This was not easy as we had to barter for our objects to make the chariots.  We had fun decorating them using Roman symbols.


In maths we are continuing to focus on place value moving the children onto numbers up to 1000.  We have children extending their own learning bu choosing their own challenges and pushing themselves to the investigations/mastery questions.


In PE we are learning the key skills of Tag Rugby and have played mini-matches.





In Maths we did place value up to a hundred. The children used pictorial and concretes to help them visualise the numbers.


In English we wrote up or 'How to train a Yeti' instruction in our best handwriting.


In History we learnt about the Iron Age and how they traded and what kind of transport they used.









The children learnt about Shang Dynasty and The Silk Route. They played merchants and traders along the Silk Route trading in silks, spices and gold.





This week we have been looking at the Vikings.

The children learnt about Longboats and how they travelled around Europe and some parts of Asia. They had to write about the goods they traded in and how they went from ports to ports.



This week we looked at pollination and how the wind and insects helps the recreation of flowers.

They learnt about the different parts of the flower.


My Happy Mind

The children are now able to use the happy mind breathing. They use this to help them stay clam.




We have been looking at counting with 3 digits and 1 digit. The children were counting forward and backwards



The children wrote some amazing playscripts. They had the opportunity to perform them. We have some brilliant actors.



We have been looking at The Romans and how they travelled. The children got an opportunity to design their own chariots. At the end of the week, they made these using household materials.



This week we had out Harvest festival assembly. The children sang their hearts out, some wonderful poems read out and special harvest festival prayers.



We worked on poems by a black poet called Benjamin Zephaniah.

It is called 'People need people. The children had to write  why they felt 'People need people.  We had some heart warming lessons.


This lead us to have a philosophy lesson on 'Do people need people'



We have been looking at addition and subtraction using the written formal method/column method.

The children used their place value knowledge to calculate.



In PE we have been doing Tag Rugby and they had mini games against each other.




In maths this week, we started to look at multiplying and dividing, using arrays and groups. We have lots of exciting learning to do for the next few weeks on this topic. Please help your child learn and practise their times tables, it will really help in their learning and understanding. 


In English, we were learning about the cocoa bean and its journey to become a chocolate bar. We learnt all about the different processes of bean to bar, which will help us to write a fabulous non-chronological report.


Linked with our English, in Geography, we have been looking at atlases, and finding the Equator, Tropic of Cancer and The Tropic of Capricorn. In addition, we looked at countries in The Tropics, and why they make such good places to grow cocoa.


Science was hands on this week, looking and feeling various rock samples. The children are becoming experts already.