Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Autumn Term

WB 15.11.2021


What a week we have had!  We have continued studying information about the life of Howard Carter, the archaeologist who found Tutankhamun's tomb, discovering the treasure he found there and making it real by actually visiting the tomb itself!  Well not quite the real thing, but on Thursday Mrs Hayday and Mrs Walters made a dark tunnel and small chamber (with tables!), ensured it was blacked out with blankets and sheets, then gave the children head torches and sent them in to see what they could find. There were an assortment of small copies of artefacts, photos and information for them to find in the dark.  


"Wonderful things!" was the reply given by Howard Carter when asked what he saw in 1926, and our children said the  the same.  They used this experience, plus the knowledge they gained from reading to plan a diary entry, written in character (Howard Carter),   We are really looking forward to reading these!


In maths, we started to look at multiplication - from using apparatus to represent repeated addition, to representing and writing times table facts then finally learning how to use short multiplication to solve 2,3,4 and even 5 digit numbers multiplied by a one digit number.  


Science was a continuation of the previous weeks learning about MRS GREN, (we are sure the children will be able to tell you all about what this acronym stands for).  We revised what defines a 'living thing' and started to think how we can use criteria to sort animals.


We are continuing to become great tag rugby players, and on Friday we had another session of touch rugby, where it was clear to Mrs Hutson and I that the children were really thinking about how to use their knowledge of passing, receiving and positioning to maximum effect.  We hope this continues to grow in readiness for a small inter year tournament (weather allowing) at the end of term.


We hope to add photos from this week soon.





WB 18.10.21


Our last week before half term has been another busy one! We've started looking into Ancient Egypt, ready to focus on the buildings they created during that era. We have also discussed the River Nile in detail, thinking about why the Ancient Egyptians decide to settle along its banks.


In Science this week, we became investigators for the morning. This involved carrying out and writing up an investigation based around the temperature at which chocolate turns from a solid into a liquid. We had lots of fun doing this and even discovered that this particular change is a reversible one, as after break time we noticed the melted chocolate has solidified once more.


We then used our new found knowledge, along with some of our Maths and Reading skills, to work through a chocolate rice krispie recipe. The children enjoyed making and decorating these (it was tough not to eat them straight away, that's for sure)!


We hope you all have a fun, but restful half term - the children have certainly earnt it!

WB 13.9.21 - 11.10.21


The Year Four topic, ‘Buildings’ engaged everyone very quickly from the beginning of term. We began the topic by exploring the first types of buildings our early ancestors found to provide shelter for themselves. 
Over the past few weeks, have researched, written and used investigations to learn how buildings progressed during the Mesolithic and Neolithic periods, with a particular focus on how natural materials provided early man with resources to keep them warm and dry.

We have also used a cross curricular approach to write reports, descriptions and to re-tell stories by looking at sites such as Skara Brae.  Ask your children to tell you what archaeologists believe may have happened to the people who once lived there! 

In Maths, we are have continued to focus on Place Value, as well as finding 1,10,100 more or less than any given number. We have also looked at symbols we use to represent greater than, less than and equal to. We are now going to look into ordering and rounding numbers before fine tuning our column addition and subtraction methods in order to use these skills to solve various problems. 

WB 6.9.21

What a busy week it has been! 


In our Topic lessons, we have started our 'Buildings Throughout History' focus, which has sparked lots of interest and discussion. This has allowed us to create a timeline, ready to start our reports on Stone Age dwellings next week.


In Maths, we have been using number lines to help us with our understanding of place value, as well as starting our weekly Times Tables Races. Every week, we will be challenging and pushing ourselves to complete more questions in the time given.


Our Science topic this half term is 'States of Matter'. This week, we've spent some time organising various items into the solid, liquid or gas groups. We've also generated lots of questions that we'd like to explore as the topic goes on.


We are also very glad that in our music lesson we are now able to sing! We are currently preparing for our Harvest Festival that you hopefully be able to come and watch. 


We hope you have a lovely weekend. 


Welcome to Year Four

Well, it's been a busy couple of days up in Year Four. The children have done a great job in settling back into their school routines and we've enjoyed getting to know each of them individually. 


This page will be updated regularly with all of the wonderful things we have been doing in our classrooms.