Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

French vision and intent at TWS

Our vision for languages at TWS is to promote inclusion through celebrating the rich linguistic diversity we have at our school. We want children to feel affirmed and encouraged to speak different languages and for those who already do to realise what an asset this is and how it increases their cultural capital. We want every child who passes through our school to foster a love of language learning and to be willing to take risks and make mistakes knowing that is part of the journey to improving and gaining confidence. We want children to encourage one another and have fun with the language, to take pride in their efforts and to come away with a solid foundation in phonological awareness, basic grammar and an extended vocabulary. We want children to discover that they CAN decode, decipher and even create in another language and to experience the thrill of how languages open doors for relationship, travel and careers. Languages is a subject unlike any other, languages are alive!