Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Autumn Term

Christmas activities  


We have been super busy the last few weeks preparing lovely surprises for everyone. Whilst we have been creating masterpieces we have developed the following skills:

  • Scissor skills to enable us to cut accurately.
  • Manipulating materials into shapes using clay and tools. 
  • Practising our pencil control to help us write letters and cards to Father Christmas and our families. 
  • Using the correct colours to create beautiful pictures and paintings.
  • Exploring using our senses to describe the textures of different materials. 


We hope you enjoy all our lovely treats for you. the children have worked very hard. 

next week we will send all your lovely gifts home we are looking forward to Christmas dinner and jumper day on Wednesday 16th December and then a lovely Christmas party on Thursday 17th December. This will be our last day in Nursery until Tuesday 5th January.          


Week beginning 23rd November 


This week we have continued our celebration theme and have learn't all about the Jewish festival of lights Hanukkah we used paints to create pretty menorahs. 


We have also used paints and collage materials to make trees, snowmen and stars in preparation for Christmas. 


We have squashed and rolled clay and used Christmas cutters to start our special Christmas decorations. We have also made a class Advent calendar which we will look forward to using from Tuesday. 


We have  started to transform our reading corner into the Nativity scene which a selection of Christmas and Winter stories for the children to look at. We are beginning to learn about the Christian Christmas story and will continue to develop their understanding of the Nativity in the coming weeks. 

Birthday week

Week beginning 16th November 


We have been celebrating in style this week learning all about our Birthdays. We have completed the following activities: 

Counting smarties on a birthday cake to reinforce our counting skills.

Developing our cutting skills by cutting out a birthday cakes and badges then adding the appropriate age using numerals and objects. 

Used the play dough to make pretend birthday cakes following instructions to mix the dough. 

Made birthday cards practising writing our names and numbers. 

We completed the week by making and eating chocolate corn flake birthday cakes and unwrapping a mystery gift. We had to think hard and talk about what the present might be. We had lots of lovely sensible predictions. 


Next week we will be learning about the Jewish celebration of Hannukah.  



Week Beginning 9th November 2020


This week we have been really busy creating Rangoli patterns using chalk and paint for the Hindu celebration Diwali. We have created Poppies for Remembrance day and observed the two minute silence on Wednesday with rest of the school. 

We have practised our cutting skills to make Pudsey bear hats for Children in need. 

As part of World Kindness Day we made kindness trees thinking about different things that we can do to be kind at home and school.        

Next week we will be learning about birthdays and thinking about how old we all are.           


Pumpkins and Fireworks

Week beginning 2nd November 


This week we have been very busy starting our new topic about celebrations. This week we have explored pumpkins thinking about what they look and feel like inside and outside. We have also used clay to make spooky spiders with eight legs. 


Later on in the week we have explore firework night thinking about staying safe when  watching fireworks. To support our learning we have made shape rockets and yummy firework biscuits. Finally we have made beautiful Poppy rocks for remembrance day next week. 


Next week we will continue to learn about the importance of Remembrance day and begin to learn about Diwali the festival of lights.      

Week beginning 19th October 2020


This week we have been learning about the season Autumn. We have talked about seasonal changes, been on lovely Autumn walks around our school field. We have created lovely autumnal pictures using collage materials, paints and rollers. We have learnt an Autumn poem about the changes in the colours of the leaves as the season develops. 


The children have loved learning about Autumn. When we return to school on Monday 2nd November we will be starting out new theme called celebrations. 


We hope you all have a lovely half term.   

Body parts

Week beginning 12th October 2020


This week we have been learning about the parts of the body we have played a pairs game, drawing around a friend and naming the parts of the body. We have also sung action songs and rhymes learning the different parts of the body.  


Next week we will be learning about the seasonal changes of Autumn time. 

Welcome to all our new Nursery children, we are really enjoying getting to know you all and look forward to teaching you lots of lovely things. This half term we are learning about ourselves and our families and getting to know each other. 


Next week we will be exploring our senses and are looking forward to exploring our sense of touch, taste, hearing, sight and smell. 



Week beginning 5th October 


Our five senses 

This week we have been exploring our five senses we have played listening games, taste testing different foods, smelling strange smells, taking part in a sensory walk and looking through our magic eyes at the world around us. We have had lots of fun. 


Next week we will be learning about the parts of our body and practicing our 2D shapes and counting skills.