Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Summer Term

WB 10.7.23


This was another wonderful week in Year 3. In Maths, we have carried on learning about statistics. We have made tally charts, bar charts and used pictograms to show data. 


In English, we have been began our new unit of writing based on diary entries. Next week we will be writing a diary entry about our trip to the Tower of London.


On Thursday, we went on a local walk to Langston Road to see how the land has been developed. We had lots of in-depth discussions about how Deben has changed in the last 100 years, how the war impacted our local area and how the Epping Forest Retail Park has also impacted Debden. 




In Art, we looked at Laurence Lowry, known as the Matchstick Man. We looked at his mill scenes and industrial landscapes. We then used wire to create figurines of our own and placed them into our own industrial landscape.



WB 3.7.23


This was a short but sweet week. We finally completed our work on time but hope to keep practicing continuously. 


In English we wrote brilliant free verse poems about the Tower of London, which we will be visiting next week. 


In music, we have been listening and creating music based on The Firebird Suite by Stravinsky. We created their own musical movements to the finale. 


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WB 26.6.23


This week in Year 3 we have been looking at durations of time. We found this quite challenging aat first but have come a long way since the start of the week.




In English, we completed our Guided Voyage stories and have started looking at free verse poetry. Next week, we will be creating our own free verse poetry based on the Tower of London. 




In Science we created a bone and muscle model to show how muscles contract and relax when moved. 




On Friday, we spent most of our day in our new classes. We had a lovely day getting to know our new class and teacher. We participated in a range of activities before heading back to class. It has made us all very excited for September!



WB 19.6.23


This week in Year 3 we have begun learning about the Industrial Revolution, continued our work on time, focusing on 24 hour digital time, and how bones and muscles work together to create movement. 


In English we have started writing our Guided Voyage stories, based on the Isle of Arran. We have focused on using figurative language to describe our story's setting.


On Friday, half of the children in Year 3 went on a fantastic trip to Lambourne End where they took part in a wide range of team building activities. They showed resilience, perseverance, bravery and teamwork skills throughout the day. They were also praised for their excellent behaviour and enthusiastic participation. 












Earlier on in the week, amazingly some of the children in Year 3 performed in assembly as a part of 'Make Music Day 2023'. 






Music Assembly 1

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Music Assembly 2

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Music Assembly 3

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WB 12.6.23


This week in Year 3 we carried on learning about the UK. This week's focus was Northern Ireland. We learnt about the cities, a county, rivers and a mountain. We also looked at Giant's Causeway and used collage to create a picture to represent it. 




Additionally, we have continued to learn about time. In particular we have focused on telling time, in 5 minute intervals. 




In science, we have been learning about animals and humans. We have been focused on skeletons and this week, we created human skeletons which had a visit to the schools' sensory garden. 




Finally, after a hard week of assessments in the heat, the children were rewarded with an ice lolly in the shade!



WB 5.6.23


During our first week back to Summer term 2, we have been busy writing lovely scene stories. These were focused on the Isle of Arran which has an abundance of wonderful physical features. 




In Maths, we have been focused on our arithmetic skills. We have learnt different strategies in how we approach questions, for example, to use the inverse operation when facing a missing number question. 




This week in Year 3 we carried on learning about the UK. This week's focus was Wales. We learnt about the cities, a county, rivers and a mountain of Wales. We also looked at the Welsh Valleys and used David Hockney's art as inspiration to create a picture to the Welsh Valleys. 



WB 22.5.23


This week we have had a jam packed week in Year 3! 


Firstly, we were lucky enough to be visited by Phil Davis from 'Write Inspired'. This was a fun, engaging and informative workshop that resulted in the children creating wonderful poems. 




Later in the week, we finished writing our scene stories based on the United Kingdom. We used a wide range of vocabulary, similes and personification to make our writing exciting and interesting. 


In Maths we have carried to learning about time. We practiced telling time in 5 minute intervals and how to tell the time to the minute.


In art, we have created landscapes of Wales and Scotland using a range of materials. To create our picture of Ben Nevis, we used pencils to sketch and shade. To shade it we learnt how to cross hatch. For our Welsh pictures we used pastels to create a picture of the Welsh Valleys.


Lastly, on Thursday, we participated in our school's sports day. We had lots of fun and showed perseverance, resilience and good sportsmanship. We took part in lots of activities, including, a sack race, egg and spoon race, and a water jug race.




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WB 15.5.23


This week we have begun learning about time. We focused on revisited o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. 




In English and reading we have been exploring scene stories. We have been generating vocabulary for a scene story of our own focused on the UK.


This half term, in PE, we have been doing hockey. We have learnt how to correctly hold the hockey stick, dribble and pass the ball accurately.




We were also lucky enough to join a live zoom event for Mental Health Awareness Week. This was very fun and engaging. We created emotion mansions and poems to help us explore our emotions and how to move between them.



WB 3.5.23


A short but sweet week in Year 3 this week. 


We begun to research rivers and how they are formed. This is in preparation for our English next week where we will be writing an explanation text on rivers. 




In Maths, we have begun looking at money. We recaped some of the knowledge of money from Year 2. We have progressed to converting money to and from pounds to pence. 




Some very lucky children had a tea party in celebration of them completing their Bronze Junior Duke. They had 2 Leyton Orient players attend to present the children with their certificates. 




We had a lovely celebration in honor of the Coronation of Charles III and Camilla. The school opened its gates for a family picnic to celebrate. All the children had a wonderful time and decorated the field beautifully! 







Coronation Picnic

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WB 27.4.23


What another amazing week in Year 3! 


This week, we have been thriving in our Maths lessons, all about fractions. We have learnt how to compare, order, add and subtract fractions (with the same denominator). 


In English we have created poems of our own about the Loch Ness monster based on the poem 'Too Messy for Nessie' by Donald Nelson. We had to learn the rhyming scheme that this poem followed and replicate it to create 2 stanzas of our own. 


In Science, we continued to investigate light, in particular shadows. We investigated how and why shadows change size. 




In RE, we have begun our new topic of Islam. This week we researched who Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is and how the Qur'an was formed. 




Finally, we performed our wonderful play, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We all transformed into amazing oompa loompas and put on an incredible performance. 




Oompa Loompa 1

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Oompa Loompa 2

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Oompa Loompa 3

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Oompa Loompa 4

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WB 17.4.23


What a great first week back to Year 3! Year 3 have been busily preparing for our production next week! 


Meanwhile, we have continued our hard work on fractions. We have been very good at comparing and ordering fractions, using a range of resources to help us.




In English, we have begun this term by looking at poems. In particular we have been looking at poems about the Loch Ness monster. We will be following the rhyming scheme of the poem, 'Too Messy for Nessie' by Donald Nelson. 


Additionally, we completed our last term's curriculum theme, 'It's Good to Talk', by looking at old, middle and modern English. We had a particular focus on Shakespeare and performed a scene from Macbeth.




Macbeth Witch Scene

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