Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Summer Term

Creative Week - 5.7.21

We have enjoyed making robots using plasticine and we also used a pulley system to make a working robot hand.

Creative Week

Week beginning 7.6.21

We launched our new topic this week and had lots of fun exploring the artefacts. We tried to guess what they were and what they might be used for.


Our new topic is...


Rise of the Robots!

Rise of the Robots Topic Launch

Week beginning 24.5.21

Creative week - we have enjoyed learning about art and design, and design and technology this week.


We have learnt to weave, use water colours and draw observations using shading techniques.


Week beginning 17.5.21

This week we have been learning all sorts of science!


We enjoyed working as a team, investigating and taking part in lots of different experiments.


We all had great fun!

Week beginning 10.5.21

During our English lessons we have boxed up the original myth 'Apollo and the Chimera' into a beginning, build up, dilemma, solution and ending. We then changed small elements into our own ideas. For example we changed the main character and the setting.

In maths we are learning about equivalent fractions and unit fractions.

During our science lessons we have been investigating how magnetic forces can act. We have looked at materials that can be attracted to magnets.


Week beginning 3.5.21

During our English lessons we used Pie Corbett actions to retell the myth 'Apollo and the Chimera'. We enjoyed performing the story in small groups.

In maths we are beginning to learn all about fractions. We have been finding halves and quarters. 

During our science lessons we have been investigating magnets. We compared and grouped materials according to whether they are magnetic or not.


Week beginning 26.4.21

During our English lessons we learnt about the myth 'Apollo and the Chimera'. We have been creating a story map to help us to learn the story off by heart.

In our science lessons we have been comparing how things move on different surfaces by investigating the speed of a toy car over different surfaces. We really enjoyed seeing how far we could get the cars to move.


Week beginning 19.4.21

This week we have begun to learn about myths and legends in our English lessons. We are investigating the features and learning about some of the most popular ones.

In maths we are learning about measurement. We have been measuring objects in the classroom. 

Week beginning 12.4.21

This week we have begun our new topic 'It's Good to Talk!'. We are learning all about language and how communication has changed throughout history. We started off our topic by looking at lots of different artifacts to discover what we would be learning about. We particularly enjoyed seeing the old telephones!


It's Good to Talk - Topic introduction