Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Summer Term

WB 16.5.22


What a wonderful week year 3 have had so far.


Yesterday, Tuesday 18th, we visited the Olympic Park in Stratford. We had so much fun sketching the different structures and landscapes, playing in the park and splashing with our friends in the water fountains.  



Today, Wednesday 18th, we had a very special visit from the Cat in the Hat character from the book 'Cat in the Hat' written by Dr Seuss. We were very lucky that we got to listen to the story 'Cat in the Hat' It was read to us by four children from Year 6.


We also got to perform the Seuss extract from our Spring production 'Pick up a Book' one last time. We had so much fun!    

WB 9.5.22


This week we had a very special visitor in year 3. Our special visitor was Mable our school mentor dog. 


As this was the first time we had met Mable we had to sit quietly on our chairs so that we didn't frighten or excite Mable whilst she moved around the classroom getting to know her new environment. 

WB 25.4.22


We have had a wonderful week in Year 3. We performed our play 'Pick up a Book' for the whole school and parents. Whilst it was nerve-racking to perform for such large audiences we performed excellently. 



To celebrate the end of our successful play, we had a party which we thoroughly enjoyed! We played games, danced and had some yummy snacks!




WB 19.4.22


What an exciting first week back we've had. We have been busy rehearsing for our play next week.


In English we have begun by exploring Newspaper Reports. We have developed creative headlines and captions for our Newspaper Reports based on the story Water Horse. We look forward to writing and publishing our Newspaper Reports next week!


In Maths we have carried on brilliantly with our work on fractions. So far we have been fantastic at fractions and we are excited to challenge ourselves even further. 


We had lots of fun during our Marvellous Mirrors Science lesson. We explored how mirrors reflect light and played 2 fun games; Mirror Messages and Mirror Maze. We found these both very entertaining and challenging. Below are some pictures from our enjoyable lesson.