Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

School Council

School Council

The School Council is a group of children who represent their classes on a council which has the opportunity to discuss any part of life in and around school.
There are two members; a boy and a girl; from each of the classes from Year 2 to Year 6. The members are elected by their class for a period of 1 year. A member of the senior management team supports the council and relays the outcome of their meeting to staff.
The members of the council discuss their meetings with their class and listen to requests from their class. There is a worry box in all classes.
The school council also discusses the results of meetings and changes or concerns with the pupils at some school assemblies.


Meet our School Councillors

Year 6

Theo – I would like to raise money for more equipment and help make the school more fun.

Caoilfhinn - I would like to try and get more equipment for the school and help other children find equipment to play with at lunch time.

Evie – I will help the younger children and help raise money for the school.

Seth – I will help get equipment for the school and make sure everyone is happy.

Year 5

Adeena –I would to put an end to bullying and encourage everyone to be kind.

Jack – I will help children if they fall over and help them find someone to play with.

Carter – When someone’s upset I will make them happy and let them play with me.

Mya – I will help get more school equipment and try to make more afterschool clubs.

Year 4

Maximo – I want to help make the school a better place and have more equipment.

Diana – I would like to help children sitting on the buddy bench and make sure they don’t feel lonely.

Liam – I would like to raise money to get higher fences in the playground to stop the balls going over the fence. I will also try and get more balls for the school.

Jessica – I would like to help people on the buddy bench and play with them or find them someone to play with.

Year 3

Jack –I want to help children with their maths and play with them if they have no one to play with.

Sofia – If someone’s on the buddy bench I will help them and cheer them up.

Olivia – In PE if anyone struggles or falls over I will take them to the office. I will try and help raise money to make more things in the playground to play with.

Teddy – I would like to help children on the buddy bench and if they’re lonely I will play with them.

Year 2

Rayan – I will help children who are hurt and look after them.

Lina – I will help people when they can’t do their work and help them when they are stuck.

Kenzie – If someone doesn’t know a word I will try and help them understand what it means.

Luca – I want to make the school even more enjoyable and get more equipment for us.