Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

School Council

School Council

The School Council is a group of children who represent their classes on a council which has the opportunity to discuss any part of life in and around school.
There are two members; a boy and a girl; from each of the classes from Year 2 to Year 6. The members are elected by their class for a period of 1 year. A member of the senior management team supports the council and relays the outcome of their meeting to staff.
The members of the council discuss their meetings with their class and listen to requests from their class. There is a worry box in all classes.
The school council also discusses the results of meetings and changes or concerns with the pupils at some school assemblies.


Meet our School Councillors

Year 6

Noah – I will make a great vice chairperson because I check the buddy bench and I love to make people happy.

Chase – I will always check the buddy bench and I am good at cheering people up when they are upset.

Izabele – I will listen to any ones worries no matter how big or small.

Krish – I will make a great chairperson because I like to make people feel good about themselves. I like doing good things because doing good things is a reward in itself.

Year 5

Sam – Sometimes I see people on the buddy bench and I think it is unfair that they don’t have anyone to play with. I think no matter what the problem is, big or small; they deserve to be talked to. I think the problem should always be talked about so it can be solved,

Frieya – I think I will make a great secretary because I like to make people happy. I enjoy hearing people speak and even if I wasn’t a school councillor I would still help people. Also, I will keep an eye on the buddy bench and check children are ok.

Ruby – I am really confident and great at speaking. Also, I will help children who are upset and let them join in my game.

Ivan – I like to help people and I don’t want people to feel unhappy. That’s why I wanted to become a school councillor. I also wanted to help the school.


Year 4

Felito – I think being a school councillor will help me with my confidence and I will be happy to hear any ones ideas.

Clementine – I would like to help make the school even healthier and I will always listen to people’s ideas. I am always happy to show people around the school.

Evie – I would always welcome visitors and show them around our amazing school.

Roman – I will help to make the school a better place and I will think about any new equipment we need at play time.

Year 3

Harry – I am a kind, helpful person and I will help people on the buddy bench if they are sad.

Lacey – I am nice, helpful and kind. If anyone needs me they can come over and find me and I will try to help them.

Olivia – I am very helpful and kind. I will always listen to people and be respectful. Also, I will check the worry/idea box regularly.

Leonidas – I will always check on the buddy bench and help people if they are sad.

Year 2

Isack – If anybody is said I will help them and I will let them play with me.

Shinayd – I will always check the worry/idea box and take it to our meetings.

Catherine – I will always share and help people if they need it.

Yeashar – If anyone is sad and they are on the buddy bench I will play with them.