Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Spring Term


week 6  28.3.-1.4.22

This week we have completed our topic work and produced some great posters for homework. 

We have been 

*reading a story about the Easter Bunny

*writing letters to the Easter Bunny 



*We went to visit the big playground ready for the summer term. 


*played counting games

*made Easter cards

*made some Easter chicks and collaged eggs. 

Enjoy the Easter break and we will see you back and refreshed ready for the Summer term. 


week 5 21.3. - 25.3

This week in reception we recapping lots of our learning.

We have been:-

* writing independently about our weekend news. 

*drawing around and cutting out 2d shapes

*making dinosaurs using our 2d shapes

*finding one more or one less than a number

*counting accurately 

*finding and colouring in our tricky words from phase 2 and some from phase 3

*drawing pictures of our mummies

* recaping on all of our phonic learning so far this year 

*enjoying playing in the garden in the sunshine 




We have also been making cards for Mothers Day so watch out for these on Friday! 


Week 4 14.3-18.3.22


This week in Beech and Elm class we have been:-

* using the balancing scales to measure the dinosaurs to see how many bricks weigh the same amount and to see which one is heavier or lighter.

* creating silhouette pictures using oil pastels and dinosaur shapes. 

*playing a matching pairs game 

* drawing around our own feet and cutting them out and then using them to measure other objects. 




Dinosaurs week 3


This week we have been:-

*discussing the diets of the dinosaurs, if they were Omnivores, Carnivores or Herbivores. 

*painting our own dinosaur pictures

*adding groups of dinosaurs together to find a total

*sorting dinosaurs according to their diets

*working on our new phonic sounds of oa, oo (long and short sounds)

*recaping the sounds ai, ee and igh 

*practising our rolls in pe - pencil, log or teddy bear 

Dinosaurs week 2

28.2.22 - 4.3.22


This week we have had more fun learning about dinosaurs!

We have been : -

  • writing about a dinosaur scene
  • reading and discussing the story of Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs
  • counting how many dinosaurs can fit into a bucket
  • making dinosaurs out of paper plates and other construction materials
  • drawing and measuring our own dinosaurs

Spring 2


Week 1 21st - 25th February


What an exciting start to the second half of the Spring term.

On Monday, the reception children discovered some large eggs in the Reception garden.

Everyone tried to guess what was inside them and where they might have come from.


The children collected sticks, twigs, leaves and grass to make a nest to protect the eggs in their classrooms.

The children waited patiently and looked after the eggs, keeping them safe and warm.

On Thursday the children were delighted and excited to find the eggs had hatched and found some baby dinosaurs.

Beech class have named their dinosaur, Bertie Brontosaurus.

After the children gave all their ideas for names and a vote, Elm class have named their dinosaurs, Sonny Stegosaurus and Tiger Triceratops.


Week 6

7.2.22 - 11.2.22

This week the children in Reception have been:-

*designing, creating and looking after their own Alien puppets.

*using different paint effects to make their own Alien underpants.

*counting and adding legs to aliens.

*making repeating patterns.

*recapping our learning of the phase 2 and phase 3 phonics.

*playing space games in our PE lessons

*singing space songs with Mrs Bartels

*discussing what we have learnt about Space

Week 5

31st.1.22 - 4.2.22


This week in Reception the children have been:

  • designing their own rockets and making them
  • learning about Chinese new year and making tiger cards and Chinese lanterns
  • writing sentences about a Space picture
  • building rockets out of 3d shapes
  • recognising and naming 3d shapes
  • consolidating our learning of phase 2 and phase 3 letter sounds, digraphs and writing sentences using our phonic knowledge



Chinese New Year

Week 4


This week we have been ordering Planets according to their size. We have discussed which planet is the biggest or the smallest. 


We have been using our counting skills to find the number that is one less than a given number.



We also spent some time outside on the track in the big playground. It is great fun to run around the track, racing with our friends. 



Week 2:

10.1.22 - 14.1.22

 In Reception this week the children have been:

  • Learning about Neil Armstrong and watching the Apollo 11 moon landing
  • Drawing their own astronauts
  • Making an astronaut's space suit using foil and making ourselves into astronauts

  • Creating moon pictures using grey, white and silver paper, wool, bubble wrap, cotton wool and glitter 
  • Using space toys to build their own stories with their friends
  • Learning about subtraction using objects, pictures, number songs and writing and solving subtraction number sentences
  • Reading and writing the first four phase 3 letter sounds; j,v,w and x
  • Writing words and sentences about the moon landing.



Spring term 

Week 1 


Welcome back! We hope you had a rested and relaxing break and are ready to dive back into learning, just like us! 


This half-term we will be learning about Space. We talked about the thing we already know about Space.

The children have already been reading the story 'How to Catch a Star' about a boy who wants to catch a star and making starry pictures using a splattering technique.



They have coloured in rockets and labelled them with their names.

We have discussed the different parts of the day - daytime and nighttime - and drew pictures of things we do in these parts of the day. 


 We continue to learn and use new letter sounds in our reading and writing so please continue to support them by practising the letter names and sounds as often as possible. 


As the half-term progresses the children will be learning about the moon, different planets and aliens.