Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Parent survey results

Summary of most recent school survey- Spring 24


Of those who answered the question* ....


100% said their child was happy in school

100% said the school was well led and managed

100% said their child does well at this school

100% said the school has high expectations for their child

100% said their child is well looked after

99% said their child felt safe in school

100% said when they have raised concerns they have been dealt with properly by the school

99% said this schools makes sure the pupils are well behaved

100% said there is a good range of subjects for my child at this school

100% said that they school supports my child’s wider personal development

100% said their child had not been bullied or it had been dealt with effectively and quickly if it occurred.

100% said the schools makes you aware of what your child is learning

100% said that their SEND child is given the support they need to succeed by the school

100% Said their child receives appropriate homework for their age

99% said they would recommend this school to another parent


*Don't know or neither agree nor disagree is not included in data


What do you like about this school? A brief summary of some of the words and phrases used regularly in the survey responses to describe our school.


Care, lovely staff, nice, friendly, wonderful atmosphere, always available, communication, great teachers and staff, good subjects, children love school, PTA, well looked after, children happy, staff happy, take care of wellbeing, safe, management, sense of community, app, website, children learn a lot, supportive, children bests interests at heart, office team are great, sensible policies, clubs, Happy Dayz, Breakfast club, staff work hard, lovely senior leadership, perfect, sharing and caring environment, values, specialists available, high standards, high expectations, community spirit, child focused, behaviour, best learning, structured curriculum, attentive listening, patient, EVERYTHING, teacher-student relationship, kindness and confidence of children, issues dealt with promptly, positive feel, attention to detail, facilities, children grow and flourish, interactions, visible presence of leaders, informative, Forest School, Opal play, extra-curricular activities, lots of events and activities, welcoming, excellent, amazing learning, respectful, Variety of learning,  individual approach, trust is built, feedback is seen as important, flexible, accommodating, great initiatives, considerate of low income families, tapestry, school app,  warm, every child matters, after school classes, emotional support, engagement of parents.


One of our favourite suggestions!


Celebrate the first day of school in September with music,and flowers for the teachers!







Parent Survey results March 24- 100 % of people say their child does well at this school

PARENT SURVEY 22-23- 100% said their child does well at this school

Feedback from Parent Consultations 19/10/22

PARENT SURVEY 21-22 - 100% believe the school is well led and managed

Parent Survey conducted in March 2021

100% of our parents would recommend our school to another parent

What do you like about this school? survey- word cloud