Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Autumn Term

Week commencing 17th December 2021


What a lovely week we have had. The children have been busy completing their secret agent training and have worked very hard. We are extremely proud of how grown up and sensible they have been. 


In the afternoons this week we have been busy making our Christmas cards, gifts and calendars that will come home with you shortly. 


On Friday afternoon we also took part in the Santa Dash! Where we had to run a mile in Santa/ Christmas hats. This was so much fun! 



Week commencing 29th November 


We have learnt a lot this week! In English we have written a letter pretending we were Samson on his Titanic journey. We made sure to include lots of adjectives to make our writing interesting. We became confident with the features of a letter and made sure to include these features within our own writing. In threes we edited and improved our writing to make sure we included capital letters, full stops and conjunctions. 


In Maths we learnt that arrays are things that are in rows and columns. We used arrays to help us solve multiplication calculations and continued practicing the groups of method. 


In Science this week we continued with our learning of animal groups and what makes an animal are carnivore, herbivore or omnivore. We began to speak about food chains to prepare ourselves for our next lesson. 


In History we ordered the Great and Ghastly events we have learnt this term on a timeline in chronological order. We made sure to include the names of the events and also the dates they began. We have learnt so much this term! 






Week commencing 22nd November 


In English this week we have started a new book 'Samson's Titanic journey' by Lauren Graham. We have read the story and learnt some great facts about the Titanic. The children have had the chance to act out the story to understand the events in the book and have began to plan a letter in the character of Samson writing home after he survived the Titanic journey. We have explored different adverbs, adjectives and the five sense to help us plan our letter. 


In Maths we have been learning about multiplication. We have been practically making equal groups and looking at the different language used in multiplication word problems, such as; groups of and lots of. We have used a written method to help us answer multiplication calculation and have been using our knowledge of counting in 10's, 5's and 2's to help us solve these. 


In Science this week we have been learning about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores and had to make the correct poo a certain animal. The poo would need spaghetti if it was a carnivore (animal bones), plants and seeds if it was a herbivore or both if it was an omnivore. The children had great fun! 


In History this week we learnt about WW2 and what life would be like as an evacuee child. We had a chance to act out being an evacuee child, exploring emotions and feelings and then had to write a pros and cons list to encourage the children to think critically. 




Week commencing 15th November 2021


In Maths this week we have continued learning about money. We have been using the tens and ones subtraction method to find change and have been using different coins to make the same amount. 


In English we have read more of 'The little red hen and the Great War' and have done lots of role play taking on the role of Arthur, we had to 'hot seat' Arthur and ask questions for him to answer. We then wrote another post card to Bertha explaining how the attitude of the soldiers have changed towards him now that the hen is staying in the trenches with them. We learnt about the 'ful' and 'ness' suffix's and tried to include these in our postcards. 


In our History and Design and Technology lessons this week we have been planning and making our own trenches! We created a base for our trench using mod rock and then put paint and sand on the top to add texture. We thought about all of the features of a trench and have included these in our models. 


In Science we learnt about the parts of the human body. We had to go outside, draw around our partners and label the different parts of their bodies. This was great fun! 


Week commencing 8th November 2021 


In English this week we have started reading a new book called 'The little hen and the Great War' by Robyn Belton. We have explored different characters in the story and have planned and written a postcard home in the character of the soldier Arthur, to tell a family member about a hen we have found and what life has been like so far in the army. We have learnt about question marks and suffixes. 


In Maths we have continued with our concept of money and have begun adding coins together and using different coins to make the same amount. 


For topic this week we have had a very special visit from Sargent Porter, an ex soldier, who taught us lots of exciting information about WW1. We learnt about the soldiers uniform in WW1, what the trenches were like and were able to look at some fantastic artefacts. We learnt the main features of a trench and what the land between the two sides trenches is called. The children had the opportunity to smell an example of what the gas would have smelt like and also looked at the gas masks soldiers wore and how they changed over the years. 




Week commencing 1st November 2021


We have had a wonderful first week back to school!


To kick off our WW1 and WW2 topic In English we have been looking at remembrance day poems and have created our own ones. We explored alliteration, rhyming words and synonyms. The children have learnt why we commemorate remembrance day, why we wear poppies and where the money that we give to the charities who sell poppies goes to. 


In Maths we have started a new concept this term; money. The children have had opportunities to handle and sort coins into the correct groups, recognise and identify different coins and have begun to add coins together. 


In our topic lesson we have begun to learn what life was like for soldiers living in the trenches in WW1, how WW1 began and who was involved. The children learnt the new word 'propaganda' and have created their own propaganda posters to try and encourage soldiers to join the army. 


We look forward to showing you what we get up to next week. 

Week commencing 18th October 2021


We have had a fantastic last week of term! 


In English we wrote a diary in character of a survivor of the Great Fire of London. We looked at the features of a diary and even read an extract of Samuel Pepys diary. We explored our senses and feelings to help think of some brilliant adjectives and verbs! 


In Maths we continued with our learning of addition and subtraction. We looked at fact families and identified how numbers can be used to create various calculations. 


In History, we learnt all about Neil Armstrong and created our own fact file about the first moon landing. In Art we looked at Vincent Van Gogh's 'A starry night' and created our own version to develop our painting skills. 


We can't wait to show you what we get up to next term! 





Week commencing 11th November 2021 


We have had a very exciting week! 


In Maths we have been continuing with addition and subtraction and practicing the tens and ones method with 2 digit numbers. We have explored a variety of word problems and began looking at missing number problems. We have been doing lots of counting in 5's and 2's and playing number bond tennis. 


In English we have begun planning a diary entry imagining we were a witness to the Great Fire of London. We have done lots of role-play and have explored our senses thinking about what we would be able to see, hear, touch, smell and taste. We have also discussed how we would be feeling. Next week we will begin to write our diary. 


In Design and Technology and history this week we have evaluated our houses and recreated the Great Fire of London! We had great fun and discussed how the wind would have effected how quickly the fire spread and the materials that are more flammable.




Week commencing 4th October 2021


Year 2 have had an exciting week! 


In Maths we have learnt a new written method to help us answer addition calculations. We have been adding 10s, ones and 2-digit numbers. We used dienes to help us understand this method practically then moved on to the written method once we had grasped it. We explored the language used in word problems to help identify when we need an addition or subtraction calculation to find the answer. 


In English we finally finished our Toby and the Great Fire of London narratives and worked in groups to edit and improve them. To celebrate black history month we learnt about Mary Seacole and the impact she had on the soldiers in the Crimean war. We then wrote a letter to her to say thank you for all she had done for the soldiers; the wonderful hospital she had opened, magnificent herbal remedies she created and her bravery for going onto the battle fields to help injured soldiers. 


In Design and Technology this week we have designed and made our Tudor houses. We discussed cutting, tearing and joining techniques and then used some of them in the making process. We had great fun! We even used some real straw to make the roofs look realistic. Have a look at some of our houses. 



Week commencing 27th September 2021 


In English this week we have been using our story map to retell the story of Toby and the Great Fire of London. We discussed adding adjectives, verbs and adverbs to our writing to make the story more interesting and we shared ideas as we worked through the story each day. We have discussed using capital letters and full stops and some of the rules for using past tense verbs. The children really enjoyed looking at each others writing and magpieing any ideas for their own work.  


In Maths we have been adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers practically. We have used dienes and hundred squares to help us understand place value and practice partitioning numbers. Next week we will be learning a new method to help us answer addition and subtraction calculations in a written way. 


We have been furthering our understanding of materials in Science, discussing the suitability of various objects based on their material properties. 


In D&T we have begun designing our own Tudor houses, ready to make next week. The children have been working collaboratively to design their houses, inspired by real life Tudor houses. We have spoken about authenticity and what materials the houses were made out of. 






Week commencing 20th September 2021



This week has been great fun! 


In English we started reading Toby and the Great Fire of London. We worked in groups to re-enact the story and also discussed how the characters would be feeling throughout each part. We then began creating a story map to help us remember the story. We have had great fun making up different actions to learn and practice. Next week will be using the story map to help us create a narrative by retelling the story. 


In Maths we have been practicing counting in 10's, 5's and 2's to help us answer missing number patterns and word problems. We used concrete resources to help secure our understanding and have done lots of collaborative working! 


In Science we explored forces by stretching, twisting, squashing and bending different materials to see if we could change the shape of specific objects. We used scientific language such as flexible, fragile, sturdy and firm. 


Remember to visit our page next week to hear all about our narratives we have written. 



Week commencing 13th September 2021


We have had a wonderful week this week.


In English we have been learning about poems and have all had a chance to write our own acrostic poem using out sentences to help us imagine what it would have been like to witness the Great Fire of London. We made sure we included lots of fantastic adjective and adverbs. Have a look at our wonderful display we have created using our poems! 


In Maths we have continued extending our knowledge on place value by comparing and ordering numbers. We used language such as 'greater than' and 'less than' when using these symbols '<','>' and '='. 


In Science we have been exploring different properties of materials and sorted materials based on their properties, we learnt some fantastic scientific language such as; transparent, translucent and opaque. 


We hope next week brings as much fun as this week did. 

Week commencing 6th September 2021


Year 2 have had a wonderful first full week!


In English we have been learning about different word classes; nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs. We discussed the difference between proper and common nouns and practiced writing expanded noun phrases using adjectives. 


In Maths we have been learning how to write numbers in words and also how to partition two digit numbers. We enjoyed playing the game 'What number am I?'; where the children describe how many tens and ones the number they are thinking of has and the other children have to say what number it is.


In Science we have been recapping our knowledge of a variety of materials. We learnt about venn diagrams and used these to help sort and classify different materials. We also discussed why certain materials would be suitable for specific objects and why others wouldn't. 


We look forward to sharing with you what we get up to next week!



Welcome to Year 2


We hope you all had a wonderful summer and are ready for a fun-filled year of learning!


The last two days have been spent settling the children back into their school routine and getting them used to the Year 2 timetable. In Maths we have focused on counting in 2's, 5's and 10's and practiced number formation. In English we enjoyed talking about our summer and writing a recount explaining what we did, we also recapped our prior knowledge on sentence structures, capital letters and full stops.  


In Science we had lots of fun exploring the school field and playground, identifying habitats and micro-habitats. We found lots of different insects and mini-beasts and discussed why they are suited to their specific micro-habitats. 


We will continue to update you on all of the wonderful things Year 2 get up to during the Autumn term and hope next week brings us even more fun!