Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

School Development Plan

Quality of education

  • To continue to close the gaps, ensure most pupils reach Age Related Expectations, and ensure identified pupils ‘catch up’ with their peers.


  • To continue to enable children to read fluently with at least age-related comprehension skills.


  • To continue to improve outcomes by ensuring learning is checked effectively, feedback is effective and adaptions where needed are made.


  • To continue to improve outcomes by ensuring pupils make the connections they could between the different things they learn over time.


  • To continue to provide stretch and challenge so that outcomes at greater depth improve.


  • To continue to improve Oracy.




Behaviour and Attitudes

  • To continue to improve attendance and punctuality, particularly PA of disadvantaged children.
  • To continue to ensure children have growth mindsets and high expectations of themselves and others.

Personal Development

  • To develop playtimes and lunchtimes using Opal Playtimes and Peer Mentors
  • To continue to provide plentiful cultural capital and enrichment opportunities.
  • To continue to provide numerous sporting and fitness activities.
  • To continue to support mental Health and wellbeing- the Happy Minds program



  • To continue to improve speech and language acquisition.
  • Continue to narrow the gap between identified groups.
  • Improve outcome by utilising assessment on Tapestry more effectively






School Development Plan

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