Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Spring Term

Week 6: 28.3.22


Our final week of Spring term. The weather took a turn this week, but we still had lots of fun in the classroom. 


We have been working on percentage problems in Maths and using our knowledge of equivalent fractions and percentages to help us work out percentages from amounts and word problems. 


In art, we were lucky to use clay to build a sunflower sculpture. We used our growth mindsets and did not give up. Then, once we left them to dry, we painted our sunflowers using paint. 



This week we were lucky to have two science lessons! Our first science lesson consisted of learning about the effects of air resistance. To do this, we made parachutes out of different materials. Then, we dropped them from the staircase and measured how many seconds it took for the object and parachute to land to the ground. We had so much fun. We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed the lesson! 


In our second science lesson, we explored the effects of water resistance. To do this, we made 4 different shapes out of plasticine. Then, we had to drop them in water and measure how long it took for them to get to the bottom. Once we had done this for all 4 shapes, we could then analyse the data. The shape that had the shortest amount of time would have travelled the quickest. This means there was less water resistance acting on the object. However, the shape that had the longest amount of time would have travelled the longest. This means there was more water resistance acting on the object to slow it down. We also discovered the more streamlined an object is, the quicker it will travel through the water. 


Enjoy the photos of this experiment: 


We hope everyone has a wonderful Easter break and enjoys some treats. We look forward to our learning in the summer. Weeks 

Week 5: 21.3.22


This week, we have been busy doing some tests as it has been assessment week, but the weather has been beautiful. It has definitely given us all a taste of summer. Some of us were extremely lucky to go and do otter time outside in the sunshine. Look at the photos below.




The sun shone for our whole school panoramic photo on Tuesday and we can't wait to see the results.


Also, on Friday, in our science lesson we had to measure gravity. We learnt the difference between mass and weight and then we had to measure the mass and weight of different objects around the classroom, using a newton meter. Enjoy the photos. 


In Art, we were busy making our Mother’s Day cards for all our lovely parents/ guardians out there. We were busy using oil pastels and the ripping paper technique to create these for you. Have a look at the photos below. 


Week 4-14.3.22


This week was British Science Week. The theme for this years Science week is growth. Therefore, we took part in a “grow your own rainbow” experiment. We learnt that capillary action makes the marker dye move up the paper towel. The water moves upwards through the paper towel, lifting the washable dye molecules with it. As washable markers are water based, they disperse in water.


This week we also went back in time to learn about The Tudors. We took part in a great generating research lesson, where we were historians posing historical questions. We used the laptops to further our understanding of the Tudors. To end the week, in English we wrote a report about Rich and Poor Tudors. We look forward to learning more about them.


In Maths, we have been solving problems involving money as well as looking at percentages. 


Wednesday was Young Carers Action Day and we all wore funky socks to raise awareness - we then had a special Assembly about it as well.


Thursday was St Patrick's Day. 


On Friday, we saw lots of Year 5’s compete at a Cross Country event and we were delighted as how well the children did. 


What a lovely week we have had! 

Week 3- 7.3.22


Another busy week in Year 5! In maths, this week has seen us learn about adding and subtracting decimals. 


Our English work focused on writing play scripts. We analysed an extract from the play by Shakespeare called ‘Macbeth’ to identify the features of a play script. Then, we to write our own scene for a movie about Harriet Tubman’s life. We loved this creative writing task.


On Monday, we took part in a cross- curricular drama lesson. We had to use a freeze frame to develop characterisation to portray a significant moment in the story “Origins of the Khalsa”.  


The highlight of the week though was our forensics workshop with Steve - we had to investigate a crime scene, gathering forensic (and not circumstantial) evidence to solve the robbery. We got fingerprints, footprints and even DNA from a snotty tissue. It was great fun - enjoy the photos! 

Week 2- 28.2.22


In Maths this week, we have worked hard on decimals- building on our Year 4 knowledge.


In History, we have been researching Britain and The Slave Trade. We have been learning all about enslavement and how people were treated. We also read the story about Harriet Tubman. It made us realise how lucky we really are! 


The big excitement this week was World Book Day. On Thursday 3rd March, we had the opportunity to dress up and enjoy books, reading and book related fun. Have a look at the photos and see which characters you can identify!


Week 1- 21.3.22


Here we are at the end of our first week back! Time flies when we are having fun. We have been busy learning Vincent Van Gogh, who is our artist study for this year. Check out the photos of us as we turned our classrooms into galleries. 


In maths, we have been working on multiplying fractions. Next week, we are going to move onto decimals. We are looking forward to developing our understanding of decimals further.


Our new topic in RE is all about Sikhism. We began by understanding who Guru Nanak was and his significance. 


We are continuing our work on programming, using scratch to develop a soundtrack piece. 

Week 6- 7.2.22

There we have it- another term complete! We have had a busy week as we were completing our DT vehicles. We painted them, made our catapults and lastly attached our catapults securely onto our vehicles. We also evaluated these once they were complete. Have a look at our final vehicles produced. 



In maths, we have been continuing to use our growth mindsets towards learning about fractions. This week we have been subtracting mixed number fractions! 


We also had a special visitor in to do a well-being session with us. She was fantastic and we thoroughly enjoyed her session. We all participated in yoga, learning about having a growth mindset, creating a bookmark and a discussion about our well-being. 

Week 5- 31.1.22

This week was a great week!


We began this week by building our toy vehicles. Yes, the time finally arrived! We were all very excited to begin this process. In DT on Monday, we built the structure of our toy. In our English lessons on Tuesday and Wednesday we created an advertisement for our toy vehicle. Lastly, in DT on Thursday, we paper mached our vehicles to make them more stable and strong.


In Maths, the fun continued with fractions! At times we find them tricky but we continue to use our growth mindsets to overcome the challenges that we are faced with. We played adding mixed numbers four in a row with our partners- it was competitive!




Towards the end of the week the fun began! On Thursday, we had handball with a PE specialist and we had a great time learning the rules of Handball. This was a great success and sets up us well for next term! On Friday, it was Number Day. We were supporting the NSPCC by taking part in this fantastic day. We played ‘who wants to be Mathionnaire?’ and then we discovered jobs that involve mathematics. It was amazing to see how many jobs rely on number knowledge! To end the day we had lots of fun playing board games of our choice.



Week 4- 24.1.22

Another busy week in Year 5!


We have been working extremely hard on writing persuasive letters for Smyths toy store. Our aim was to persuade Smyths to have our toy in their store. We look forward to finding out if they will- fingers crossed!


In Maths, we continued to use our growth mindsets as we developed our knowledge of fractions further. We revised how to convert improper fractions to mixed number fractions and how to convert mixed number fractions back to improper fractions. Then, we learnt how to add two fractions with different denominators. This required a lot of thinking and concentration but we got there with confidence!


On Thursday, we began our new topic in Science. This is on forces! We look forward to learning more about forces in our future lessons. 


In PE, we continued with gymnastics and we used the benches to carry out some gymnastic moves.


To end the week, we participated in a fulcrum challenge! Our aim was to try to get our counter in our cup. We explored how the position of fulcrum, load and effort impacts on use. This activity links nicely with our new topic next week.


We look forward to next week!




Week 3- 17.1.22

We had lots of fun this week!


In English, we explored the features of questionnaires. Then, we analysed and discussed what makes an effective questionnaire. From this, we designed our own questionnaire and then we went down to Year 3 to gather data.


In DT, we designed our toy vehicles and we are looking forward to the making process.


In Science, we explored and investigated irreversible changes. We added bicarbonate of soda to vinegar to see if it would blow up a balloon! Guess what? It did! We discovered that when you add bicarbonate of soda to vinegar it creates a gas called carbon dioxide. See the photos from this lesson below. 


In computing, we started our new topic programming. We have been using scratch to create a piece of music. We are looking forward to our future computing sessions.




Week 2- 10.1.22


What another fun we have had in Year 5!


Our English lessons this week been focused on our favourite toys. To begin the week we presented our presentations to our peers. We enjoyed listening to everyone’s favourite toys! We also created a fact file about our favourite toy. See some pictures of our favourite toys! 



In Computing, we have started to look at the programming site ‘scratch’. We are excited to see what we are capable of creating over the next couple of weeks.


In Design and Technology we built structures. We used spaghetti and marshmallows to do this. We loved this lesson… 





In Maths, our new topic is fractions! To begin with, we have been identifying and recognising simple fractions. Then, we moved onto exploring equivalent fractions and to end the week we looked at how to find a fraction of an amount! We also did some problem solving, which we loved!


In Science, we had to try our best to separate a mixture! We loved this lesson, as it required us to use the processes: sieving, magnetic attraction and filtration to try to separate our mixtures. To finish, we learnt about the process evaporation. We explored what happens when we try to extract salt from salty water.




We also spent lots of time reading! We love to read... 




Week 1- 4.1.22


Welcome back and a Happy New Year!


This term we have started our new topic- toy story. We were so excited and are looking forward to learning all about it. By the end of this topic, we will have designed and built a catapult-vehicle toy, which should be able to shoot a malteser. To begin with, we explored the history of toys. Then, we wrote a chronological report about our favourite toy in history. Lastly, we analysed, and compared old and modern toys. Next week, we will be bringing in our favourite toy to present to everyone!


In Maths, we were learning about line graphs. We had to use our growth mindsets when it came to working out data, plotting data and then answering questions about our data. At the end of the week, we went around the classroom answering word problem questions on data from different line graphs. We have enjoyed learning about line graphs and we have had lots of fun! 


In Science, we have continued with our topic from last term (properties and changes of materials).  We investigated which solids dissolve in a liquid. We had to make a scientific predictions based on our knowledge and then we had lots of fun to see if we were correct or not!  



We have had a fun week back and are looking forward to the weeks to come!