Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Autumn Term

Week beginning 23rd November.


In our English lessons we have continued with our sentence writing and have been showing lots of improvements in our handwriting as well as the quality of our writing. Most of us are remembering to say our sentence first, use a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop and use our sounds to help us spell each word.Some of us are also beginning to use adjectives to describe objects. 


In maths we continued our work on subtracting numbers but we have been writing our calculations into our maths books. This has helped us show how we have improved our handwriting by forming our numbers correctly and neatly.  We have also used our number skills to play addition and subtraction games.  


We continue to track the daily weather and have noticed the changes….it has been getting colder! So far our wind experiment has not been very successful so we might try that one again in the summer terms.


Please remember to keep practicing your spellings daily and read as many times as possible throughout the week.

Week beginning 16th November.


In our English lessons we have been focusing on our sentence writing. When we write we make sure we say our sentence first, use a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop. We try really hard to use our sounds to help us spell each word.


This week we have been trying really hard in our handwriting to make sure our letters sit neatly on the line.


In maths we continued our work on number with a focus on subtracting numbers by crossing out and counting back along a number line. 


We have been scientists this week and set up our own investigations linked to our weather topic. Each day we are tracking the daily temperature using a thermometer.

We have also set up an experiment to find out what kind of things get blown about in the wind.


Please remember to keep practising your spellings daily and read as many times as possible throughout the week.

Week beginning 9th November.


In our English lessons we have been learning about weather reports and what is their purpose. We watched some forecasts and discussed the vocabulary they used. Then we wrote our own reports and pretended to be weather forecasters using a map of the UK to plot the weather. 


In maths we continued our work on number with a focus on adding numbers together by counting all together and using number lines. 


As part of our learning in Music with Mrs Bartells we listened to a piece of music called

Iinterpretations of Benedictus from Karl Jenkins Mass for Peace and then we had to draw pictures of how the music made us feel or think about. 


Week beginning 5.10.20


We have had a busy week. We have been celebrating Black History Month with discussions about how we are the same and how we are different and the importance of treating everyone fairly and equally.  We read the story of Rosa Parks and the children enjoyed role playing some of the scenes from the story. In maths we have continued our work on number with lessons on ordering numbers and looking at ordinal numbers. We have begun to read the story Storm in our English lessons, thinking about words that describe stormy weather.  

W/B 23/9/19

This week in maths we have been comparing numbers using the language of more and less. We ordered numbers from smallest to largest. We used a variety of equipment to support our learning.


Kindly rehearse counting forwards and backwards from 0 to 20 at home to support this.


In our English lessons we have been writing simple sentences, focusing on capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. We are all working hard to form our letters correctly, starting and finishing in the correct place.


Please practise this at home if possible.

HI all,


Wow it's been a busy week! 


We have been practising for our Harvest Festival performance and we are very excited! We can not wait to show you what we have learnt!


In Maths this week our focus continues to be on number and becoming confident with our number bonds, we have been adding numbers together and writing number statements. It has been tough but we have all worked really hard.


We have been learning about Rosa Parks as part of our work for Black History Month and used role play to really try and understand what things were like for her back in the 1950's. 


Next week we are making our wind chimes so please send in any tops, lids and buttons you have collected for us. Mrs Johnson has got the tools ready for us! We will be using hand drills and small hack saws! We hope to come home with all our fingers! (only kidding! wink)


Keep up with our reading at home and remember homework comes in on Tuesday and can we bring spellings back on Thursday please. 



Hello all,


What a very busy last week to the half term! We have made wind chimes, performed our Harvest Festival and enjoyed our marvellous maths days!


The children really enjoyed making their wind chimes. They worked hard to follow their original design and then completed an evaluation of their finished product. We will be keeping these in school for a while longer before sending them home for you to enjoy too! 


Harvest Festival was a great success. The children worked hard to learn the songs with all the actions. An extra well done to those children who had speaking parts, they spoke loudly and clearly. We collected lots of donations for Haggerston Priory. 

Thank you again for all  your kind donations. 


Have a fabulous half term week off! The children definitely deserve a rest!  See you back at the beginning of November, remember Monday 4th is Parents Meetings and the children return to school on Tuesday 5th. 



Hello all!


We have had some very busy weeks!

We have been learning more about the weather and created our own non-fiction leaflet about a chosen weather.  Last week we became weather presenters and in small groups we had to perform a weather report to the rest of the class, it was a bit nerve wracking but fun too! This week we have been performing poetry. The poems we performed have had a focus on Autumn to link in with our topic learning in Science about the seasons. 


We started the term with a focus on Geometry, 3d and 2d shapes. We are now focussing back on calculation, particularly subtraction. We practice our number bonds and counting on and back daily to help us remember our number facts! 


In our topic sessions we set up an observation as part of our science focus and created daily weather diaries. We used a thermometer to record daily weather temperatures. We are continuing this over the next few weeks to help us look at and understand weather patterns. 


We have begun learning the songs for our Christmas perform and are really enjoying these, Mrs Johnson does keep getting the actions wrong though! 


Keep checking the app for messages about the performances. 





Wow! What a busy few weeks we have had! 


Thank you to all the parents that attended our Nativity performances. The children did so well and we are all very proud of them. There are some real superstars in the our year group.


We have really enjoyed our learning this term and are now most definately weather experts! We are also becoming much more confident with our number bonds to 10 and now 20, so please keep helping at home. 


Tomorrow is our last day and we are all ready to have a rest and recharge our batteries!


Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone.


See you in 2020!