Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Autumn Term



This week in maths we continued to learn about 2D and 3D shapes and in class we sorted 3D shapes. We also looked around the classroom and identified 3D shapes we could see. In English we wrote a fantastic poem about winter. We used adjectives to describe nouns in our poem and we used the features of a poem. Next week we have our Nativity performance on Tuesday! We hope you will be able to come and watch us. smiley



This week we revised our maths skills and worked out addition and subtraction calculations. We used our reasoning skills to answer maths questions.


We have had lots of fun this week, we had a lovely treat on Thursday, we watched a pantomime! 


We also had a special visitor, Santa came in to see us for a Cha,Cha, Cha dance! We really enjoyed it! We also had fun completing our Santa dash around the track! 


Next week, we are writing winter poems in English and we are sorting 2D and 3D shapes in Maths!

Visit from Santa!




This week in Maths we have been recognising and naming 2D and 3D shapes. We have also been sorting them. In English we continued to read the book 'Snow' by Sam Usher and used this to help us write sentences. We wrote about what we wear in the snow and what we like to do in the snow. We tried to use adjectives in our sentences and use our phonic sounds to build words. In Geography we were learning about climates around the world. We learnt that it is hotter closer to the equator and cooler near the North and South Poles. It was our final Forest School session before Christmas this week, we learnt about fire safety and had our own bonfire. We roasted marshmallows on the fire and made s'mores, they were delicious! 



This week in Maths we have continued to use a number line to help us add and subtract numbers. We remembered that we jump forward on a number line when adding and that we jump back on a number line when subtracting. In English we have been looking at snowy pictures from the book 'Snow' by Sam Usher and writing sentences to describe the pictures. We described different colours we saw in the pictures and used our phonic sounds to spell words. In Geography we learnt the names of the 5 oceans and located them on a map. Finally, in our reading lessons we have been reading a non-fiction text about tigers. We learnt some of the vocabulary in the text, we practised reading for fluency and we retrieved answers from the text. It was also Crazy Hair day and we brought in chocolate for the Christmas hampers. 

Crazy Hair Day



This week in Maths we have been learning how to add and subtract. We used a number line to help us add numbers together. We started on the biggest number and we showed our jumps. We also practised subtraction by crossing out and counting how many we have left. In English we looked at different weather pictures from a story book and wrote sentences about them. We remembered to start our sentences with capital letters and end them with full stops. We also used our phonic sounds to help us spell words. In our Geography lesson we learnt about the 7 different continents and located them on a map. Today we dressed up in yellow or spotty clothing to show awareness for Children in Need. 

Children in Need



This week in Maths we have been adding two groups together to find the total. We have also been practising writing number sentences using the correct symbols.  In English, we have been  weather reporters! We worked in groups, looked at a map of the UK and described what the weather was going to be like in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. We used our weather vocabulary! We then wrote sentences about the weather. In Science we learnt about temperature and we predicted what the temperature was. Then we used a thermometer to observe what the actual temperature was. Today we also had a two minutes silence for Remembrance Day to remember all the soldiers who fought and lost their lives for our country. 



Poppy Wreaths



This week in Maths we have been revising our number bonds to 10 and learning our number bonds to 20. We have also been adding numbers, using Numicon to help us. In English we have been learning about fiction and non-fiction books. We know that fiction books are story books and non-fiction books have facts in them. We learnt about the features of non-fiction books and looked at a variety of them in class. In Geography we learnt about weather around the world and in different countries. We know that it is hotter in countries near the equator and colder in countries near the North and South Pole. In groups, we located and labelled countries on a map. We then discussed what the weather is like in that country.

Adding using Numicon



This week in Maths we have been working systematically to find number bonds within 10. We used double sided counters and cubes to help us find all the number bonds. We also learnt about harvest time and why we celebrate it. We performed our Harvest Festival assembly and collected lots of food to donate. In our reading lessons we have been reading a weather poem. We explored the new vocabulary in the poem and answered retrieval questions about it. 

Harvest Assembly



This month is Black History Month and we have been doing lots of interesting activities to celebrate. In our workshop, we discussed what is fair and unfair. We learnt all about the life of Rosa Parks and we even did some role play.


In class we learnt about Floella Benjamin and learnt that she was born in Trinidad and Tobago and travelled all the way to the UK on a boat. She did lots of amazing things in her life, including running 10 marathons for charity.


We also had an African drumming lesson, we learnt about the drum and the different ways to play it to make different sounds.


In maths we have been using the part whole model to partition numbers. We then wrote fact family number sentences.


Also we had a visit from Reverend Davies. He spoke to us about harvest and we thought about all the things we are thankful for. 

Black History Workshop

Reverend Davies Assembly about the harvest



This week in Maths we have been exploring the part-whole model. We have been partitioning numbers up to 10 using this model. 


In English this week, we have been continuing to read the book 'Storm' by Sam Usher. We drew a storm picture and labelled it using our sounds to build words. Then we 

wrote sentences about what we like to do outside when it is windy. 


In computing, we have been learning about the internet and how to stay safe online. The internet means when computers are connected to each other.  We created animal masks and on the inside of the mask we wrote advice on how to stay safe online. 


In Science we have continued to learn about the four seasons. We sorted seasonal events into the correct season. 

Computing lesson - Being Safe Online

Maths - Part-Whole Model



This week in Maths we have been comparing and ordering numbers. We also learnt about ordinal numbers, for example 1st , 2nd,3rd, 4th and 5th. In English we have been exploring rain vocabulary and we have been practising writing sentences using our sounds to build words. In science we learnt the names of the four seasons and talked about their differences. In Art we created our own amazing storm pictures using oil pastels. We practised colouring within the lines. 



This week in Maths we have been comparing objects and we learnt how to use the more than (>), less than (<) and equal (=) symbols to compare objects. In English this week we have enjoyed reading the book 'Rain' by Sam Usher. We have used this book to inspire us to write super simple sentences! In our reading lessons we are reading a fantastic book called Grandpa's Handkerchief, we spoke about the vocabulary, practised reading for fluency and we retrieved answers from the text.



This week in Maths we have been practising counting forwards and backwards from any number. We also practised counting one more from any number. In English, we have been writing all about ourselves and created lovely booklets! In science, we went on a walk around the school grounds and identified some common garden plants and wild plants. Finally, in Art we practised our painting techniques using thin and thick paint brushes and painted brilliant weather pictures!

Plant Hunt in Science!

'All About Me' Booklets in English

Welcome to Year 1 smiley 8.9.23


We hope you have all had a super summer!


This week the children have settled into year 1 wonderfully! They have adapted well to the knew routine and have been working hard. We have been practising our number formation and our speaking and listening skills. 


In Maths we have also been learning to sort and count objects. We have enjoyed practising the alphabet in English and forming our letters correctly. In Art we looked at rainbow paintings by different artists and used water colours to paint our own rainbows.


Also we had a visit from an author, C S Clifford. We used our senses to imagine an unusual world where things don't make sense.  We drew a picture of our world and labelled it using our phonic sounds. Then we wrote some great descriptive sentences about our world.


We will continue to update you on all the wonderful things we do!

Author Visit

Counting objects in Maths