Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!

Senior Leadership TeamPosition  Class
Miss T Phillips    Headteacher   
Mrs L Collins
Deputy Headteacher
Mrs L Ford RichardsInclusion Manager   
Mrs R RadmoreInclusion Support   

Mrs K Piper

EYFS Phase Leader 


Mrs K Sheptuha

KS1 Phase Leader 

Mrs J Burgess
Lower KS2 Phase Leader
Mrs H PorterUpper KS2 Phase Leader   
Mrs J EricsSchool Business Manager   
Teaching Staff
Mrs M May-Townsend, Ms M Oliver and Mrs C Brown
Nursery Teachers
Apple & Pear
Mrs F Johnson and Mrs V Lovell
Reception Teacher
Beech Class
Mrs K Piper
Reception Teacher
Elm Class
Mrs L Goldie
Year 1
Oak Class
Miss A Hartnell
Year 1
Spruce Class
Mrs G Ayaz
Year 2
Juniper Class
Mrs K Sheptuha
Year 2
Willow Class
Mrs A Patel
Year 3
Holly Class
Mrs J Clive
Year 3
Maple Class
Mrs M Duffy 
Year 4
Lime Class

Miss C McClelland

Year 4
Chestnut Class
Miss S Burling
Year 5
Aspen Class
Mrs H Porter
Year 5
Hawthorn Class
Mrs A Holland 
Year 6
Poplar Class
Ms S Dennis
Year 6
Rowan Class
Mrs V Lovell
MFL Teacher and Forest School
Mrs R Bartels
Singing and Music Teacher
Mrs S EvansPPA Cover/PE Lead/ Opal Playtime Lead  


Mrs C HyattPPA Cover   
Mr L CuthbertSports Coach   
Support Staff    
Mrs M Hinton
Family School Co-ordinator   
Mrs C MarshallLibrarian   
Mrs J Wiseman/Mrs A ButcherBreakfast Club   
Mrs B AndrewNursery   
Miss K BishopNursery   
Mrs C BevanNursery   
Mrs H CarterNursery   
Mr B ReinkeReception   
Mrs K Parrish-HeightonReception    

Mrs J Whittaker

Ms C HawkinsReception   
Ms N ElsonReception   
Mrs E AkinciReception   
Mrs N ReinkeYear 1   
Mrs S BrandonYear 1  
Mrs J HowesYear 1 and Year 6    
Mrs L ReynoldsYear 2   
Mrs T Richardson Year 2  
Mrs D ReeveYear 2   
Ms S PewterYear 3   
Ms C HansenYear 3   
Ms H BellYear 4   
Ms J FordYear 4   
Mrs M JessonYear 5   
Mrs C MarshallYear 5   
Mrs M DobsonYear 6    
Ms E KenteaYear 6   

Administration Staff

Mr M ReinkeSite Manager   
Mrs S JonesPA to Headteacher / Administrator   
Mrs M CareyPA to Headteacher / Administrator    
Mrs A ButcherAdministrator (Finance)   
Miss A EastOffice Manager (Pupil Office)   
Mrs J MarshallAdministrator (Pupil Office)   
Miss G WillsoneAdministrator (Pupil Office)    
Mrs N ReinkeAdministrator (Pupil Office)   
Miss L YarwoodBefore School Co-ordinator/ Mid day supervisor/Administrator   


Midday Assistants

Miss CarlyonMrs Yarwood   
Mrs AkinciMrs K Tappin   
Miss DuffellMiss L Massey   
Mrs T Poulton    
Miss King    
Mrs A Butcher    
Mrs G Willsone    
Mrs J Wiseman    
Mrs Mangion