Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!

Senior Leadership TeamPosition Class
Miss T. Phillips    Headteacher  
Mrs. L. Collins
Deputy Headteacher
Mrs L. Ford Richards
Inclusion Manager

Mrs. K. Piper

EYFS Phase Leader 


Mrs. K. Sheptuha

KS1 Phase Leader 

Mrs. J. Burgess
Upper KS2 Phase Leader
Mrs. H. PorterLower KS2 Phase Leader  
Mrs. J. EricsSchool Business Manager  
Teaching Staff
Mrs M. May-Townsend, Mrs. M.Oliver and Mrs C. Brown
Nursery Teachers
Apple & Pear
Mrs. F Johnson
Reception Teacher
Beech Class
Mrs K. Piper
Reception Teacher
Elm Class
Miss L. Titchmarsh
Year 1
Oak Class
Miss A. Hartnell
Year 1
Spruce Class
Ms C. Higgs
Year 2
Juniper Class
Mrs. K Sheptuha
Year 2
Willow Class
Mrs. H. Porter
Year 3
Holly Class
Miss C. McClelland
Year 3
Maple Class
Mrs. A Patel
Year 4
Lime Class

Mrs. S. Evans 

Year 4
Chestnut Class
Miss. S Burling
Year 5
Aspen Class
Ms. S. Dennis
Year 5
Hawthorn Class
Mrs A Holland 
Year 6
Poplar Class
Mrs. J. Burgess
Year 6
Rowan Class
Mr L CuthbertSports Coach  
Mrs.V. Lovell
MFL Teacher
Mrs. R. Bartels
Singing and Music Teacher
Mrs. C. NicolaMaths & English Interventions 


Mrs DuffyPPA Cover  
Support Staff   
Mrs. M.Hinton
Family School Co-ordinator  
Ms. K. YoungLibrarian  
Mrs. Wiseman/Mrs. ButcherBreakfast Club  
Mrs. AndrewNursery  
Miss BishopNursery  
Miss YoungNursery  


Mrs. Marshall

Ms. Parrish-Heighton

Mrs Richardson

Mrs Duffy


Mrs H Carter

Nursery and Year 6  
Mrs. BrandonYear 1 
Year 1 
Mrs. ReeveYear 1 and Year 3  
Mrs. ReynoldsYear 1  
Mrs. Howes
Year 2 and Year 3
Ms. PewterYear 2  
Mrs JosephidesYear 3  
Miss NorrisYear 3  
Mrs. WaltersYear 3 
Mrs. WhittakerYear 3 and Year 4  
Mrs. MarshallYear 4 and Reception   
Mrs. HaydayYear 4  
Mrs. AdigunYear 5 and Pupil Premium champion  
Mrs. HyettYear 5 and Year 6  
Mrs. JessonYear 5  
Mrs. AndrewsYear 6  
Mrs DobsonYear 6  
 Year 6 and Year 4  

Administration Staff

Mr P. SylvesterSite Manager  
Mrs. S. JonesPA to Headteacher / Administrator  
Mrs. M. CareyPA to Headteacher / Administrator   
Mrs. V. RutterAdministrator (Finance)  
Mrs. J. DayOffice Manager (Pupil Office)  
Mrs. J. MarshallAdministrator (Pupil Office)  
Miss M. EastAdministrator (Pupil Office) / Midday Supervisor / After School Co-ordinator  
Miss L. YarwoodBefore School Co-ordinator/ Mid day supervisor/  
Mrs YarwoodHealth and Safety Administrator   
Midday Assistants   


Miss Carlyon   
Mrs. Hatton   
Mrs Bevan   
Miss O'Neill   
Miss Hansen   
Mrs. Hayday   
Miss Dunsford   
Mrs Heney   
Mrs. Reinke   
Mrs. Redmond   
Mrs Bilalaj   
Mrs. Butcher   
Mrs Willsone   
Mrs Wiseman   
Mrs Yarwood   
Miss Carlyon   
Mrs. Wiseman   
Miss. Yarwood   
Mrs. Bilalaj   
Ms. L. King   
Mr. M. Reinke   
Miss Dunsford