Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Spring Term

Week beginning 15th March

Week beginning 15th March 


This week we have been really busy in nursery having lots of fun. We have: 

  • Practised counting and naming our number to 10 and beyond. 
  • Matched and named 2D shapes 
  • Drawn lovely pictures of our families and practised writing our names
  • Learnt the letter sound o and painted an orange octopus
  • Walked quietly through the school listening for different sounds
  • Finally we have started preparing decorations for Easter. 


Next week we will be learning about Easter.        

Week beginning 8/3/21 


Welcome back everyone! We are all so pleased to have everyone back in nursery. The children have been fantastic this week, settling back in to our nursery routine. They were all so pleased to see their friends and teachers. It has been fantastic!  


This week we have: 

  • Thought about how we are feeling about being back in school. 
  • Used colourful paints to make a Mother's day cards 
  • Practised writing our names 
  • Learnt the letter sound g 
  • Counted objects beyond 10 
  • Played with our friends and had lots of fun! 
  • Reminded ourselves of the rules and routines whilst in nursery. 
  • Made a large aeroplane using boxes  

We are looking forward to continuing our "How we get around" topic next week we will be learning about trains and continuing to develop our independent skills, specifically hanging our coats and bags up and washing our hands.