Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Spring Term

Week beginning Monday 28th March '22


What a lovely end to our term! Our week has been very Easter and new life focused.  We have been in awe of our butterflies, which have started emerging from their cocoons. We have two so far, that we have started feeding on orange.  When it is time to release them, we will share more pictures.  Nursery also had some bunny and guinea pig visitors, which was a welcome treat for all!


In phonics, we have revised previous sounds s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d and o, listening to and joining in with the Jolly Phonics songs, as well as writing them and playing games. Next term, we will be starting with the sound 'c.'


We have been matching and sorting coloured eggs in maths, as well as counting and recognising and matching numerals to corresponding objects.


To end the term, children dressed up in their homemade Easter hats and went around the garden looking for Easter eggs that the Easter bunny had hidden. We had so much fun!


We can't wait to see you next term, where our new topic will be Homes. 

Week beginning 21st March


We have embraced the sunshine this week and made the most of our outdoor area. We have continued to tend to our plants, frogspawn and caterpillars. Our caterpillars have now formed their cocoons and the tadpoles are starting to emerge!!


With Mother's Day upon us soon, the children have enjoyed doing linked crafts, as well as starting to prepare for our Easter Egg hunt next week, including making Easter hats.  


In maths, we have been reinforcing recognition of numerals, as well as looking at repeated patterns, linked to Spring.


In our phonics, nursery have taken part in lots of activities linked to our sound of the week 'o.'  Next week, we will go back and revisit all our sounds so far- we have learnt so many!

Week Beginning 14th March 2022

This week, we have been very busy continuing our learning about life cycles. Our caterpillars have had lots of growth and we were very lucky to receive frogspawn from our school pond for the children to look at. 


We have enjoyed the lovely Spring weather and painted beautiful blossom trees looking closely at the colours pink and white as we painted. The children have also planted more flowers, seeds and bulbs in the garden and we have replanted our beanstalks outside.  To finish our week's learning, we had a lovely spring walk around the school field to look at the school pond and our beautiful blossom trees and flowers. 


Next week, we will continue our phonics learning and introduce the letter sound o we will continue our learning of more or less in maths focusing on counting accurately as we compare different sets of objects. We hope you all have a lovely weekend. 

Week Beginning 7th March 2022


This week we have been very busy learning about the Life Cycle of a Butterfly. The children have enjoyed looking closely at our caterpillars to see how much they have grown and have developed their vocabulary using words such as egg, caterpillar, cocoon and butterfly to sequence and make the life cycle together. 


We have been very creative this week to make our own caterpillars using repeating patterns and making beautiful symmetrical butterflies which are now proudly displayed in the nursery. 


We are making great progress with our phonics and number work. Next week we will be introducing the letter g and combining quantities together to say who has more and who has less. This develops our accuracy when counting. 


Next week we will continue to monitor our caterpillar growth. We hope you have a lovely weekend.  

Week beginning 31/1/22  

This week we have continued our topic of life cycles. We have closely studied the growth of our plants, talking about how we can continue to look after them, in order for them to grow. Some of our beanstalks are getting very tall- maybe they will grow as tall as the one in Jack and the Beanstalk?! We also have a very exciting addition to the nursery- some real caterpillars! We have already seen them grow a little in the short time that we have had them and we can't wait to see them transform into butterflies in the weeks to come.


We've had lots of celebrations this week starting with Shrove Tuesday. The children enjoyed finding out what it is all about and sharing stories linked to pancakes, such as 'The Big Pancake' We also thought up our own toppings that we would like to put on our own pancakes.


Later in the week, we of course had World Book Day and what an effort the children went to! We had such a fun day with so many activities.  A big thank you to families for helping with the costumes.  The children also got an opportunity to visit the Book Fair and lots of money has been raised for the school so thank you for your continued support.


In phonics, we have introduced our new sound m and found lots of objects around the nursery starting with this sound. In maths, we have been measuring and counting objects in the nursery. We have also looked at how these numbers are written. 


Next week, we will introduce the letter sound d and explore the life cycle of a caterpillar.  Our main text will be The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. 



Week beginning 21/2/22  

This week we have introduced our new topic life cycles. We started with the life cycle of a plant. We have labelled the parts of a plant and enjoyed looking at books about how sunflowers grow. The children have painted beautiful sunflowers, planted beans to start an investigation and we have used different collage materials to create a class display showing the different parts of a plant. 


In phonics we have introduced our new sound n and in maths we have been counting our friends and counting objects in the nursery. 


Next week we will introduce the letter sound m and explore the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. 

Our book fair arrives on Tuesday 1st March and we will be dressing up for world book day on Thursday 3rd March.     

Valentines and cooking

Week Beginning 7th February 2022.  

This week the children have been very busy creating lovely Valentines day treats for their families using different collage materials. 

We have used heart shaped cutters to make delicious jam sandwiches and we have finished our topic about food by making yummy pizzas using tomatoes, cheese, sweetcorn and wraps. The children enjoyed working together to prepare these and had even more fun eating them at snack time. 


Next half term we will be learning about life cycles and you will find our knowledge organiser on Tapestry which has lots of lovely home learning opportunities on there. We wish you all a lovely half term. Many thanks the nursery team.       

Chinese New Year and Number Day

Week beginning 31st January 2022 

This week we have been celebrating Chinese New Year the year of the Tiger. The children have enjoyed making dragon masks, dancing like dragons and trying fortune cookies at snack time. These were very yummy. 


We have enjoyed Number day on Friday 4th February. We have enjoyed lots of lovely number activities, playing hopscotch, ordering numbers on a number train, counting objects and singing number rhymes it was lots of fun. 


Next week we will be learning about Valentines day and making pizzas.    

Handa's Surprise

Week beginning 24th January 2022

This week we have explored the story Handa's Surprise the children have shared the story together and looked at the story bag and props to retell the story together. We have introduced the new phoneme p and have practised singing the p song and naming objects beginning with p. 

The children have enjoyed naming fruit and vegetables and then using these to make fruit faces. 


Next week we will be exploring the celebration Chinese New Year and will be learning about the year of the Tiger. Our new letter sound will be i. 


Week beginning 4th January and week beginning 10th January 2022

Happy New Year to you all! We have had a busy couple of weeks in nursery starting our new topic Lulu's Lunch, which will incorporate lots of learning about food and healthy eating. 

We have started by naming foods we like and thinking about what we like to eat at home and in school. 

The children have enjoyed making food for our new shop role play corner and printing using fruits and vegetables to help reinforce numbers to 6. We have created lovely food plates using a range of collage materials to create a meal and we have played a shopping game. 


This term, we have introduced our daily phonics sessions. So far, we have introduced the letter sounds s and a we have named objects beginning with these letters and enjoyed learning new songs. Can your child find anything at home or in your local area that begins with the sounds s or a. Next week, we will be looking at the letter sound t. 


In Maths, we have used fruits and vegetables to print with and count to represent a given number. We have been counting out objects to match a number card and using the numbers to match to picture cards and matching single digit cards to 5. 


Next week we will be exploring the story Oliver's Vegetables and completing activities linked to this text. 


Week beginning 17th January 2022  

This week we have been exploring the story Oliver's vegetables.  We made vegetable patches using different collage materials, we sorted fruits and vegetables and practised naming them. We introduced the phoneme t and named objects beginning with the initial sound. We practised writing the letter t and we learnt an new song and action to accompany our work. We have also sorted objects beginning with s,a and t to reinforce all our sounds so far. 


We had a lovely visit to the school library and shared stories with each other. We continued to practise our throwing and catching skills in PE with coach Danielle. In maths, we practised ordering number to 10 and beyond and using size language small, medium and big.  


Next week we will be exploring the story Handa's Surprise and making funny faces using different fruits and vegetables and our new letter sound will be p.