Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Maths vision and intent at TWS

We instil a belief in all the children that they can succeed in Maths – there is no such thing as a Maths person - we can all achieve through hard work and practice. I want them to love maths, to be curious about maths and to question what we are learning and why. I firmly believe that if we involve them collaboratively in their learning that they will understand a concept more easily and be able to use that knowledge in the future. As a staff, we ensure that they recognise the real life purpose of Maths and how they will need maths, no matter where life takes them – time and money being the best examples of that! 

We follow a Mastery approach at Thomas Willingale School, developing the fluency, reasoning and problem solving abilities of all children for each concept, before we move on as a class. Maths is taught in mixed ability groups throughout the school and we have high expectations of all our children.  

At TWS the curriculum is designed so that it builds on children's prior learning, provides hands on and enriching experiences, allows the children to develop aspirations, resilience and independence and become articulate, creative individuals. Our Curriculum Drivers of Oracy, Independence, Environment/Community and Positive Growth are what steer us in our planning and teaching.