Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Summer Term

Week 4

9.5.22 - 13.5.22



This week we started learning about mini-beasts.

The children have been identifying, naming and describing different mini-beasts.

They have talked about the features of insects and other small creatures and have used their fingers to paint patterns on snail shells, used stencils to create their own mini-beast pictures and been on a mini-beast hunt in the Reception wild area.




The children have used the k-nex construction to build their own mini-beast creatures.



In mathematics, the children have been learning about odd and even numbers using counting objects and numicon. The children carefully counted the spots on ladybirds and worked together in groups to sort them on to odd and even leaves.









Week 3

2.5.22 - 6.5.22


Our Reception children had a fantastic time visiting Barleylands Farm in Billericay.

They fed the goats, kids, sheep and lambs. Everyone enjoyed a bumpy tractor trailer ride and they made their own rainbow salad to take home. 


Barleylands Farm



Thank you to all our staff and parent helpers!

Week 2


This week in reception we have been very busy!

We have been:-

*Writing our own versions of Mr Gumpy's Outing. 

*Creating tractor pictures using 2d shapes

*Making numbers out of mulitlink cubes

*Practising our throwing and catching skills using bean bags

*Drawing farm animals 

Welcome back!

Summer term

Farm animals and minibeasts

Week 1 19.4- 22.4.22

Welcome back after our two week break. We hope you have had a good rest and enjoyed family time with your children. 

The children have settled back into class routines brilliantly, even the changes of playtime and lunchtime have not caused any worries. 

This week we have been :-

*writing our holiday news


*recaping our learning of the tricky words and painting them


*creating blossom trees and making flowers. 


* counting and sequencing numbers to 20 followed by addition number work.