Thomas Willingale School and Nursery

Building work

As the Summer Holidays continue, I just wanted to keep you updated with news of the work we are having completed in school whilst the children are away. 


The infill project- creating four new rooms is now completed. It looks fabulous. The group rooms will provide amazing spaces for our children to learn and the fully equipped medical room will provide the much needed care our children deserve when hurt or unwell.


The KS1 classrooms have all had their toilets renovated and they are looking great. The classroom and corridors upstairs have been painted and we hope will inspire children to take pride in their learning and in their school. 


Another big change you will notice will be the changes to the parent entrance on Willingale Road. We have renovated the office, made the 'window' bigger and created a much nicer space for children and adults to do their best in. 


I hope you are all having a lovely holiday and that the children are looking forward to their return to school. 


Kind regards


Teresa Phillips