Thomas Willingale School and Nursery


Meet our School Councillors


Kristen – I am the chairperson and I am very organised. Also, I am always willing to help when people have worries.

Harry – I am responsible and I have had this role before so I know what to do.

Louis – I am very responsible and I like to think about what resources we need around school.

Ellie –I have had experience being a school councillor in Year 3 and I am kind and helpful.


Samuel – I help to make sure we have a healthy school and I love helping out around the school.

Caitlin – I am a brilliant school councillor and I have an important job supporting the secretary (Samuel).

Oscar – I think I am a good school councillor because I am a good role model to others.

Emma – I am fun, responsible and help to make the school successful.


Francesca – I always keep up to date with the worry/idea box and I make sure our school is safe. I also respect our visitors and guests.

Tom – I am a brilliant school councillor because I am kind, caring and confident.

Stevie – I am a good role model and I am respectful to Lime Class and the school. I love to help people and look after them. I don’t mind if people disturb me when I am in a game. 

Matthew – I am a good school councillor because I am a caring and confident role model in all subjects and around the school.


Aaliyah – I am thoughtful and will help people with their worries.

Freddie – I am a good school councillor because I am confident.

Raffi – If someone is lonely on the playground I will play with them.

Ellis – I am responsible and love helping other children and adults in the school.


Maya – I help to make sure the school is safe and play with children that look unhappy.

Joris – I am kind and sensible. I help to look after the worry/idea box.

Molly –I help people who look unhappy and have no one to play with.

Noah – I wait at the buddy bench and go around asking children who are alone if they want to play with me.